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G is for Got Nothing…

A to Z Challenge: G

G is for Got Nothing… As in I can’t think of anything worth writing about that begins with the letter G.

I could talk about how I’m not that fond of gold and prefer silver. But that’s not enough to take up a full post. It’s not that I hate gold. My wedding ring is gold. I prefer rose gold, if I have to wear gold but that’s expensive. As it is, I really prefer silver. Stainless steel jewelry is gaining popularity. Tungsten Carbide too.

There’s also Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor the anime from 1985 and it’s 1990’s reboot. I really loved this series except for one thing… it never ended. The guyver armor gets to the point where it’s in god mode and about to kick much butt and then — end. Very disappointing. Maybe the manga finished the storyline. I’ll have to check one day.

Speaking of things that just up and end, I still want to kick Disney for not finishing Gargoyles. That show rocked. It has a huge following still even though it’s been over for years. The comic didn’t go much past where the cartoon ended, though I’m happy the comic retconned the Goliath Chronicles. That season was so stupid. Well sort of. The very last story arc was good but the rest we could have skipped.

I’m pretty fond of Greek mythology, which is probably why I didn’t like Immortals, Clash of the Titans (2010) and Wrath of the Titans as much as others. It’s one of those situations where I probably would have liked all those movies better if I “hadn’t read the book first.” As it were. Taken on their own merits, they were okay — putting aside the clown car Titans box in Immortals. But all the stories strayed really far from the original text.

Maybe next year when I do A to Z with a theme, I’ll have a better post for G. We’ll have to wait and see.

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