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L is for Last Unicorn

A to Z Challenge: L

The Last Unicorn is an amazing part of my childhood. My teachers had movie days to keep us kiddies quiet for a few hours while they caught up on work. This was one of the movies they played.

I love all the music of this feature, but I especially love the opener. It’s one of those songs that makes you feel uplifted and inspired. Or that’s how it makes me feel. This movie is definitely on my re-watch list.

Though I tend to re-watch the old DVD rather than trading over to the remastered version because the remastered version removed the handful of curse words. There aren’t many. Probably two or three and hardly noticeable. I don’t know why the publishers tampered with it like that and don’t appreciate it.

It’s a classic. Leave it alone. But so long as I have the original DVD release with the full, uncut film, I’m happy.

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