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R is for Rambling

A to Z Challenge: R

R is for Rambling… This like G is going to be a stream of consciousness post. Unlike G, I have tons for R and couldn’t pick just one to focus on. While I should probably leave something for future A to Z Challenges, I figure why should I? There are tons of R words in the English language and I can always pull something from Japanese too if I have to. Soooo…

Reborn / Rebirth – My name “Renee” means reborn. The same “ren” as in “Renaissance” — the rebirth. I like that my name means reborn since that was what I was after I switched to using it. Renee is my middle name… much like many others born in the 70’s and early 80’s. It was a thing. I’ve gotten over and gotten tired of people telling me, “That’s my middle name too.” Yeah, I know. It’s old. Anywho, I digress. I started using my middle name in high school because I got sick of everyone butchering my first name. As well, I learned that I could do that since it is technically my name. That was a glorious day… myself being reborn as someone with a name people won’t mispronounce.

Relative – As in it’s all relative. Everything is subjective based on people’s pasts. I have to keep that in mind while I’m writing. Something I might find funny might not be for the person reading the book. What I place value in, others might find worthless. It happens. I’ve learned to keep an open mind (or try to) and see things from the other side as well as all possible outcomes. Devil’s advocate tends to be my favorite role… but that’s my cynical side coming out to play.

Resident Evil (the movies) – I have never played the games. I leave that to the hubby. I’m a freak out gamer — ie. when things start trying to kill me, I freak out and start pushing buttons randomly until the thing dies or I kill it. For games like Resident Evil, that doesn’t always work out in my favor. But the movies require no button pushing or remembering to stock up on ammo. While I know the movies diverged from the games quite a bit, I love Milla Jovovich. She’s a fun actress and one of the top reasons I keep going to the movies. I’m looking forward to seeing how they get out of the corner they wrote themselves into with Resident Evil: Retribution.

Reading – I need to do more of it. My to-be-read pile is such that I really should stop buying books but I can’t. Even if I started reading one book a day, it would probably take a few years to put a dent in my pile. Not to mention, doing that would mean not writing my own stuff for a good long while. That’s one of the drawbacks to being an author — I don’t have as much time to read as I once did. Before I was published, I would devour several books a week. I practically lived in the library and used bookstores. I might have to start a one to one ratio of reading and writing — finish a book, read a book. Since I write at a good pace, I might be able to put a sizable dent in my TBR pile.

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