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Snippet: Pliable Inhibitions by Zenobia Renquist (Book Hooks)

Pliable Inhibitions (High Relief 1) by Zenobia RenquistPliable Inhibitions (High Relief 1) by Zenobia Renquist

[Paranormal Interracial Erotica, Menage]

A hypnotic coin, a sure bet, and a woman willing to succumb.

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Emily’s negative body image is killing her marriage. She doesn’t believe her husband Lucas when he says she’s desirable, especially since their sex life is nonexistent.

Lucas has a radical solution to their problems—hypnosis. Emily was wild in her college days and he’s convinced she can be wild again with a little help from a so-called magic coin. While college was a lifetime and several dress sizes ago, she’s willing to play along. She’ll experiment with friends, neighbors, coworkers and whoever else Lucas chooses if it means renewing their wedded bliss.

She knows the coin is a fraud and hypnosis isn’t real…but what Emily knows and what really happens when Lucas uses the magic coin are two totally different things. And what happens is sex so mind-blowing neither Lucas nor Emily will ever be the same.

Inside Scoop: This title contains lesbian and ménage (m/f/m and f/f/m) sex scenes so steamy they’ll leave you gasping for air.

MFRW Authors Blog

Lucas snapped, “You’re the same woman.”

“Minus my inhibitions and any sense of responsibility. That coin of yours is alcohol without the hangover and the liver damage.” Her smile softened along with her tone. “Lucas, I’m not mad. Either version of me. Sure the aware version was freaked but she enjoyed Joseph to the utmost. If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. If she hadn’t, she would have asserted herself over me and put a stop to it. Remember the failsafe—anything I don’t like will drop me out of the hypnotic state.”

Lucas leaned against the counter with a tired sigh. “I didn’t mean for this to happen. Not like this. It was supposed to be a little fun while winning a bet. How did it get this jumbled and messed up?”

“It’s not messed up.”

*** Want more? Check out the full first chapter at DRB1stChp Blog. ***

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My Writing Process 2014 Blog Hop

Welcome to my contribution to the My Writing Process Blog Hop. I was tagged by J. Rose Allister. Click her name to see her post.

Now on to me and my writing process:

1) What am I working on?
Currently I’m working on finishing the second story in my Daily Grind Series [Contemporary Erotica]. I have the last part of the final chapter and the Epilogue left and then it’ll be off to my editor.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I write several genres. The central theme in the majority of my work is an interracial relationship (usually black heroine with a hero of different race/nationality). When I’m writing paranormal creatures or aliens, I like to write the paranormal aspect (vampirism, therianthropy, et al) as just another trait, like skin color. It’s something that shaped the character’s personality but doesn’t rule the plot of the story. My characters aren’t always in mortal peril from a legion of monsters who want to destroy the chosen one. Most of the time my characters have enough drama just learning to cope with each other.

3) Why do I write what I do?
I started writing because I wanted to read about a black heroine in all the same situations where I had seen a white heroine up until now. I couldn’t find it. As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Lacking what I wanted, I decided to write my own. I also adore fantastical worlds and building them.

4) How does my writing process work?
My process (if it can be called that) is all over the place. Most times I start with a character I want to find a home and a partner. The character has some trait(s) I like and I want to see them in a story. From there, I would fill in a story around them. Other times I’ll come up with an interesting plot idea and have to populate it. Still other times I someone will be talking about something that will spark a story. And others are dreams I managed to retain long enough to get them written.

In the case of all, I will play devil’s advocate with myself and hash out everything I can about the plot while writing it all down at the same time. I’m a pantser. I write the story as it comes to me. That means jumping from scene to scene and writing the middle before the beginning. Even if I try to write down a quick note about how I want the plot to flow, that will change. I go with that flow. The story will go where it wants to go and most of the time I’m in the dark of the destination until I get there. That’s what I love about writing.

The speed at which I write is dependent on the story and whether I have a deadline. I have several stories going at the same time. The characters talking the loudest get the most attention if there isn’t a deadline looming. Writing is my full-time job and I am a binge writer. I will sit at my computer and write as much as I can until hunger and fatigue pull me away.

I usually can get 5-12K words in one sitting, depending on when I start and how long I’m left to write. I don’t always get to write everyday but on the days I do I tend to write as much as possible. I edit as I write and then do one final read-through, self-edit once everything is finished before I hand it off to my editor.

That’s it from me. Be sure to check out J. Rose Allister’s post for more hop stops and catch three more authors next Monday.

** Cheryl Dragon **
Bio: A lover of unusual things, Cheryl Dragon enjoys writing unique stories with sinfully hot erotic romance. Cheryl lives in the Chicagoland area with her deaf albino cat.

** TJ Michaels **
Bio: TJ is an award-winning author of several romance genres, including paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and urban fantasy romance. Writing like a madman, TJ hasn’t lost steam. Her mind? Yep, that’s gone, but steam there is a-plenty. A true Taurus, TJ isn’t slowing down and she’s definitely too stubborn to stop when she sees the fence!

No matter the genre TJ is penning, her favorite thing to do is build worlds and transport you to a place where you can close your eyes and slip into your fantasy…

** J.S. Wayne **
Bio: J.S. Wayne describes himself as a male romance writer, WITHOUT apologies. He has a resume that could kindly be described as “eclectic.” Currently he resides in Southern Utah, where he attends Southern Utah University as an undergraduate and is heavily involved in the artistic community. He enjoys corresponding with fans through his blog or on Twitter, and invites you to drop him a line!

RVC Blog Hop ~ Teasers

Welcome to my contribution to the Red Velvet Christmas Blog Hop.

Red Velvet Blog Hop Stops

~ Hero’s with Anne Kane
~ White Hot One-Liners with Megan Slayer
~ First Touch with Lacey Savage
~ 2 Silly Q&A with Sarah Mäkelä
~ Red Velvet with Ayla Ruse
~ Excerpts with Ana Raine

Red Velvet Blog Hop 2013

Enjoy these little teases from the Red Velvet Christmas authors.

Yet to Come by Zenobia Renquist

Yet To Come by Zenobia RenquistHe’s so bad and so good for her at the same time.

Rae is a ghost of Christmas future. Her track record for making people see and turn to the light is unblemished, except for one man. Zane has hit her list for the third and final time. The incentive he wants to be good is one she refuses to give him. Rae cannot be with a man who allies so easily with bad, but her desire demands she not be without him. At sunrise Christmas morning, her powers fade and with them any chance she has of seeing Zane again unless he can convince her the best is yet to come.

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“Why can’t you forget about that and just think of us?”
“Because that is why I’m here, Zane.”
“No. This” — he thrust his hips while loosening his grip so she dropped onto his arousal — “is why you’re here.”
Rae stared at him with her mouth open. No sound could express the bliss raging through her. She clenched around Zane’s dick, ushering it deeper. She wanted him to move. When Zane lifted her, she drew in a breath of anticipation. He held her above his dick with his crown penetrating her channel, and then stopped moving.
It took Rae a second to register the situation. She wiggled but didn’t have the position or leverage to complete the contact. “Zane?”


Ribboned by Megan Slayer

Ribboned by Megan SlayerRibbons aren’t just for decorating anymore.

Daria Elf never expected to be moved to the velvet ribbon department right before Christmas. She also never expected her boss to be the object of her wettest fantasies. Can she keep her cool, or will she end up on Raven’s Naughty List?

Raven Elf has his sights set on Daria. He wants her for his department, his bed and bound in his thick velvet ribbons. He’ll get his girl, but the hard part is convincing her that their connection is meant to last.

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Changeling Press :: ARe :: Kindle :: Nook

“Daria, look.” He jumped from his seat and stood opposite her at the table. “I started in packing and left as soon as this job opened up. I get to work by myself and set my own hours. I’m not a brute but I’m coarse. I like things done my way.” He braced his hands on the dark oak table top. “I picked you because I thought a change would be good. I was wrong. If you want to head back to the packing department, you’re free to go.”
“I’m good.” He wanted to push her away? Even more reason to stick around. “I won’t pester you, but I have to know. You use those ribbons for more than just presents. Would you show me?” She’d opened the biggest can of worms, but she didn’t care.
Raven finally looked at her. He tipped his head and the corner of his mouth twitched.
“I’m not afraid of you.”
“You should be.”


Reindeer Sex Games by Lacey Savage

Reindeer Sex Games by Lacey SavageWhat’s a girl to do when she discovers the hunk she’s been bedding is the genuine red-nosed…

Nikki McAvoy knows of only one way to make it through the holiday season unscathed, and that’s by hooking up with a stranger on Christmas Eve. When she spots Rudolph at the bar, she knows she’s got her man. A bit of flirting leads to much, much more… and soon Nikki is spread-eagled and tied to a bed, playing the kind of reindeer games she’s only fantasized about.

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Changeling Press :: ARe :: Kindle :: Nook

“Wow,” she murmured, not taking her eyes off his dick. “Just… wow.”
He glanced down to where she was looking. His erection lay across his abdomen, the tip reaching his belly button. A bead of moisture had gathered at the slit, and as they both watched it, the wetness dripped into his navel.
“Your turn,” he said, pulling himself up a little higher. “You promised we’d both be naked.”
She swallowed hard. A hint of apprehension entered her beautiful eyes. “I also promised you whiskey.” She tried to sound flippant, but he heard the slight trembling in her voice. “Want some?”
“Hell no. I want you.”
The tip of her tongue slid across her lower lip. The gesture was so damn sexy, Rudolph’s cock twitched, and his balls drew up close to his body. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take. His dick throbbed, needing to be inside her heat.
“You’re so… big. I don’t know if I can…” She gnawed on her lip as the rest of her words faded away.
Rudolph groaned. What had she expected? He was hung like a reindeer.


Merry Mate by B.J. McCall

Merry Mate by B.J. McCallWhat would you do to find your one true love?

A red velvet Santa’s hat that only fits one’s true love? Sierra doesn’t believe in magic, but she’s willing to give it a try and find her merry mate.

Banning is in love with Sierra, but the werewolves of Elk Mountain stick to their own kind. Banning would do anything to spend time with the beautiful she-wolf and he’s more than willing to try on a Santa’s hat to please her.

Humans are off limits, but what’s a wolf to do when the hat is a perfect fit?

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Changeling Press :: ARe :: Kindle :: Nook

“I’ve only lived here a year, but I’ve heard the mating sex. The growling, snarling, yipping and the howling that echoes down the valley.”
“There’s a ritual to mating.”
“Always on the full moon.”
“Some couples will go before the elders for permission, but most wait for the elders to proclaim a claiming moon. If the female is ready to mate, she’ll go into the forest and wait for the full moon to rise before giving her mating howl.”
“The interested wolves respond?”
“Yes. Depending on the female, one or several wolves might enter the race. She’ll lead them on a wild chase through the forest.”
Banning nuzzled her breast. “That will bring the alpha out in a male.”


Vera’s Christmas Wish by Sarah Mäkelä

Vera's Christmas Wish by Sarah MäkeläVera’s back in Finland looking to find some Yuletide love with a sexy elf.

Vera Hayes had the most amazing Christmas ever a year ago. Now she’s back in Finland hoping to find Pekka, her sexy Finnish elf, in hopes of creating new and delightful holiday memories. Not having any luck, she goes back to her cabin where a deranged goat man storms inside demanding food and drink.

On the run from the goat man, she stumbles across Pekka overseeing a huge herd of reindeer. He’s glad to see her, even if he’s more than a little amused at the trouble she always finds herself in.

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Changeling Press :: ARe :: Kindle :: Nook

He kissed her forehead, and heat swept through her body.
That one small gesture flared the bond between them, something she thought she’d only imagined before. Now, she knew her attraction to Pekka was more than a wild fling with a sexy elf at Christmas time. This was something meant to be for longer than just a few nights.
Pekka dashed toward one of the cabins. It looked quite a bit different from the one where she was staying. They looked so much older. For a moment, she wondered exactly how old Pekka was, but maybe that would be more than she wanted to know right now. If she found out too much too quickly, it might terrify her.
Shoving those thoughts away, she still couldn’t believe she’d found him again. Her heart sang with joy.


Ticket to Ride by Ana Raine

Ticket to Ride by Ana RaineAddison finds Taylor’s kinky bondage magazine and decides to wrap up the best Christmas present…

Addison and Taylor have been together for five years, but when they move in together, Addison discovers Taylor has a secret — a hidden stash of bondage magazines, with pictures of Addison tucked inside.

Addison never thought he’d be into kinky sex, but he’d do anything to please Taylor — including venturing out to an adult toy store on a hunt to find out more about BDSM. He’s intrigued enough to bring home a rope set so he can surprise Taylor with the best Christmas present ever — a kinky, tied up Addison.

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Changeling Press :: ARe :: Kindle :: Nook

My thoughts drifted as his hand expertly worked my zipper and guided my pants over my hips and down my legs. His hands were soft and had perfected the exact movement I desired right before his slick lips encased me. My hands were already groping for the counter so I could steady myself. When Taylor latched on, I had no hope of escape.
I hadn’t wanted him to swallow the first time, and desperately, my hands had wound inside of his silky hair, but his grip only tightened around my thighs. He held me in place. Forced me to accept the pleasure he was giving me, and hell if I didn’t love what he did. I just couldn’t express how badly I wanted more…
But more of what…I hadn’t figured that part out just yet.
His tongue licked my tip before he seemed to swallow me whole. My fingers scraped uselessly against the marble countertop and because I knew I’d lose myself far too soon if I looked at him, I stared through the blinds ahead of me instead.


Ribbons and Lace by Anne Kane

Ribbons and Lace by Anne KaneAll he wants for Christmas is a sexy little elf!

When Leonardo Delgado fell in love with a woman who was already engaged, he resigned himself to loving her from afar. But when her fiancé ran off with another woman, he knew exactly what he wanted to make his Christmas merry!

Amanda-Lyn doesn’t believe in love anymore. She takes a job as an elf at the local mall, and starts to rebuild her life. A nice one-night stand without all that romantic nonsense is all she wants this holiday season. It might have worked, too, except for her sinfully handsome boss and a jolly old matchmaking man in a red suit and cap.

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Changeling Press :: ARe :: Kindle :: Nook

Amanda-Lyn watched him approach. Muscles rippled beneath his shirt, suggesting a leashed sensual power beneath his urbane exterior. Handing her one, he lifted his glass in salute. His eyes gleamed darkly. “To the sexiest elf I’ve ever seen.”
Amanda-Lyn acknowledged the toast. Raising her glass she took a sip of the clear amber liquid, savouring the taste as it ran down her throat with the creamy smoothness of a well-aged vintage. Mr. Delgado certainly didn’t skimp on his liquor budget! “Nice”. She ran the tip of her tongue across her lips to capture an errant drop.
“I pride myself on getting the best of everything.” Setting his glass down on the edge of the desk, he took a step toward her. The hot anticipation in his eyes sent liquid flames skittering across the surface of her skin. Reaching blindly behind her, she abandoned her drink on the desk just as he reached her.

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10 Questions: The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

I’m interrupting the normal Thursday blog content since I got tagged by Stephanie Burke to do a blog hop post for The Next Big Thing.

Here’s my contribution…

1. What is the title of your latest book?

Wet: Overflow by Zenobia Renquist coming out 23 November (GMT) to Changeling Press.

2. Where did the idea come from for the book?
It’s a direct sequel to Wet: Undercurrent by Zenobia Renquist. Undercurrent came from two things:

#1 – I wanted to write for the Changeling Press multi-author series Wet, which dictated one main character must inhabit water. And there was a preference towards not using mermaids.

#2 – I wanted to do a male ageman — Japanese woman who brings good luck to those she touches. I first saw the concept in Living For Tomorrow by Taishi Zaou (manga) and thought it would be cool to write my own.

So instead of doing a character who inhabits water, I did a character made of water. The rest fell into place as I wrote.

3. What genre does your book fall under?
Both titles are Erotic Paranormal Interracial Romance, though Overflow is also a MFM menage.

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Movie rendition, huh? That’s a little tough. I would go for Naomie Harris for the Lulu, the heroine, since I loved her in Ninja Assassin and recently James Bond: Skyfall.

For the role of Hotsuma (and Masato since they look exactly alike), I would choose Rick Yune. I love his look and he’s a good actor. I loved him as Zen Yi (X-Blade) in Man With the Iron Fists and as Takeshi in Ninja Assassin.

5. What is the book blurb for your book?
Wet: Undercurrent
Lulu was sent to spy on the competition so she could find out the secret of their success. Her search turns up Hotsuma, a man bound to water so he can use his power to bring good luck to those who imprisoned him.

Working to set him free ignites a passion in Lulu only Hotsuma can quench, but they can’t afford to let sex, no matter how good, distract them. Hotsuma’s captors aren’t about to let Lulu leave with their property, and they’re willing to use deadly force to stop her. They’ll need more than luck for their new love to survive.

Wet: Overflow
Lulu and Hotsuma should be enjoying a happy married life but trouble continues to follow them. Masato is back and his reappearance puts Hotsuma in danger again. In exchange for his silence about his return, Masato makes an indecent proposal Lulu cannot help but accept. To make matters worse, someone else has found out about Hotsuma’s powers and is willing to end those powers, and possibly Hotsuma with them, if Lulu doesn’t meet his demands. She’s in over her head and the water is steadily rising. Luck and love won’t solve the problem this time, but maybe help from an unlikely option will.

6. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Good question. I did a huge writing binge in July, which is when I finished both of titles. Undercurrent (at 22,500 words / 74 pages) took me 33.2 hours (1992 minutes), and Overflow (at 25,700 words) took me 28.5 hours (1719 minutes), according to the timer in the MSWord files. 😀

Obviously I didn’t spend that much time straight through, but that’s how long I spent in each file.

7. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
I haven’t read another book that incorporates a water spirit. As for overall premise — caught spying and fall in love with your target, I would say Inferno by Bianca D’Arc. I highly recommend this title and all the others in this series.

8. Who or What inspired you to write this book?
Pretty much answered that in Q2.

9. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
Did I mention Hotsuma, the hero, is made of water? He has no body. He shapes the water to form his body and he can manipulate water to do many, many fun things Lulu, the heroine, really enjoyed.

And now I choose these five authors to carry the torch (no striking the selector, I love you all so that’s why I chose you):

* Ashlynn Monroe

* Missy Martine

* Sam Cheever

* Cheryl Dragon

* Marteeka Karland

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Sinful Sirens Hop Winner

Congratulations goes out to Zeta Cole, the winner of my contribution to the Sinful Sirens Blog Hop. She got a PDF copy of Eris as well as PDF copies of Rite Men for Maya and Taking It Back.

Thanks everyone for coming out and following my blog!

Thursday Author Blog Hop – Software

Thursday Author Blog Hop Question 14 April 2011:
What software and applications help you write your masterpieces? What do you wish you could afford? What do you regret buying? And what ebook reader do you use? Why/why not?

I’m firmly entrenched in MSWord 2003. I finally figured out how to use most of it. I refuse to switch to 2007 until they make me. (Note – I still use XP as well.) I don’t want to waste the money when this one works just fine. Yes, I’m cheap like that. 😛 Even if I did have the money to spare on 2007, I probably still wouldn’t get it, not after all of the complaining I’ve heard. I’m waiting for all the bugs to be gone. They’ll be releasing another office by the time that happens.

I don’t think I regret buying anything that I’ve purchased for my writing career. I even plunked down a sizable amount of change to get Adobe Acrobat Standard. I definitely don’t regret that. Having the ability to create my own PDFs comes in handy.

For ebook reading, I use my computer or my smartphone. I usually read PDFs or PRCs (mobipocket). My hubby has an ipad with the popular ereader apps loaded, but I don’t use it. I’d rather play games on the ipad than use it for reading. 😛

Thursday Author Blog Hop – Plot/Pants

On time but late in the day.

Thursday Author Blog Hop Question 07 April 2011:
Are you a plotter or a panster? Do you plot your stories ahead of writing? Or do you write and see what happens? (Writing “by the seat of your pants”.) Why do you work that way? What are the benefits …and drawbacks?

I am a panster who plots out the general path. I have no clue where I’m going, BUT I know the stops I want to make on the way. 😀

That’s the best way to describe my style of writing. I cannot outline the entire book and then write it. Half the time, my characters decide to go a different route and then outline is obsolete. Rather than waste the energy, I just don’t do an outline.

I usually write out scenes of character interaction or climactic moments as they come to me. I put them in order as I write them, though sometimes I’ll move a scene to an earlier or later position depending on the pacing of the story. Later, as I’m finishing the book, I string all of the scenes together into a cohesive whole story.

The benefit to writing this way is that I get the scenes written. I’m not forgetting a scene or making myself wait to write a scene just so I can go in order. I’m also the type who will eat dessert with dinner just so I won’t have to wait for dessert. 😛

The only drawback to this is not knowing where the story will go until I write it. This is equal parts fun and frustrating. I like the voyage of discovery, as it were. However, that voyage sometimes takes a lot longer than it should.

Is that enough of a drawback to make me change? Nope. Not at all. I tried it the other way. I prefer to pants it. 😀

Thursday Author Blog Hop – Names

On time this time. 😀

Thursday Author Blog Hop Question 24 March 2011:
Characters- Are the names of your characters in your novels important? What about the titles of your novels?

It depends on what name I’m writing under. When I’m writing as D. Renee Bagby, the heroine’s name is important because that’s the first thing the reader will see as it is the title of my books. Rather than struggle with clever titles, I decided to simply name the books after the heroine. I know a few other authors do that with heroes.

I chose this route because I’d heard a while back that some readers were totally turned off from a book simply because of the hero/ine’s name. I figured, why not put the name out front so they know what it is without even touching the book.

As well, it helps me to instantly remember plots and storylines when people ask me about specific books. So it’s as much a cheat as anything else.

When writing as Zenobia Renquist, I try to have the name of the heroine in the title somehow. Again, that’s my little mnemonic cheat. It also means my title won’t be reminiscent of some other author’s book. It doesn’t always work out that I can put the heroine’s name in the title, but I do try.

For naming my characters (under either name), I usually try to go with name meanings. I have several baby naming websites saved for that purpose. I can look up names based on ethnicity and name meanings to fit a character’s personality. Or sometimes what I name that character creates their personality. It all depends.

Thursday Author Blog Hop – Sanity

Yes, yes. I know it’s not Thursday. I am, yet again, behind on finding out about stuff. But I still want to participate. 😀

Thursday Author Blog Hop Question 17 March 2011:
What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?

I have yet to meet a sane writer, so that’s a silly question. As E.L. Doctorow said, “Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.” I wholeheartedly believe that sentiment.

That’s not to say writers don’t have their own form of sanity that is widely accepted amongst our peers. Most everyone else (the mundanes) think we’re crazy no matter what.

So, keeping the writers’ version of sanity requires a few things:

*** Ability to step away from your work and look at it objectively.

Do you really need that chapter where the hero and heroine go out for ice cream? Those five paragraphs describing the living room could probably be pared down to one.

Being able to look at your work with the eyes of an outsider will make life that much easier when it comes to editing.

*** Speaking of editing — knowing your editor is not out to get you

Okay, I have met some people who do have editors that are out to get them. Not all editors are like that. They want your book to succeed as much as you do. When they suggest a word change or sentence restructure or a chapter drop, they are doing it for the betterment of your book.

I’ve known many authors who drive themselves up a wall and back again over a single word in a 60K+ novel. Is it really worth that amount of stress? Use the word the editor suggested or go to an online thesaurus and choose a whole new word that means the same.

*** Never explain your books

Your book should explain itself. If a reader didn’t get it, then they didn’t get it. You as the author cannot be around to explain the same hang up to every single reader around the world.

I had a reviewer call the time travel section of my book a giant flashback. I banged my head against my desk, cursed until I was cross-eyed and then moved on with life. It’s not worth the stress. While that one reviewer didn’t get it, my other readers did.

Look at Star Trek (no seriously, go watch it. JJ Abrams did a fantastic job). Three different characters stated in three different ways that the movie had officially introduced an alternate reality timeline where the futures that would have been are no longer valid. They couldn’t have said it any plainer. People still didn’t get it. It happens. You move on.

*** One author already said it but it bears repeating — Develop a sense of humor

Learn to laugh at the absurdity around you. It blows off steam and helps you feel better. If it doesn’t, then do what I do and go kill off a character of two… or three. Nothing like a dead body to make the stress go away. The more horrific the kill, the better you feel. 😛