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Newsletter Contest Winner #11 (Feb)

It’s time again to announce the winner of my newsletter contest. Thanks to everyone who read the newsletter and those who entered.

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February 2012 Winner

Hawaiian Treat Package

Christina Vanderford (MS)


See you all next month for more contests and prizes.

CE6 Cyber Launch Winner

Congrats to Fedora Chen, the winner at the Cyber Launch Party for a PDF copy of Caveat Emptor 6: Determined Lover held on 10 February.


TRS Release Party Winner – CE6: Determined Lover

Looks like there was a great turn out for the 09 February TRS Release Party.

Congrats to Tee Brookins who won a PDF copy of Caveat Emptor 6: Determined Lover.

Newsletter Contest Winner #10 (Jan)

December 2011 didn’t have a “winner” from me since I didn’t hold a contest, at least not through my newsletter. However, I did post links to other authors’ contests. It seems my readers enjoyed that, so I’ll keep doing it along with holding a contest of my own.

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January 2012 Winner

3 Print Titles
(Provided by Kim at SOS Aloha blog)
Regina Ross (MD)


See you all next month for more news and more contests.

TRS Release Party Winner – Love Reversed

The Romance Studio Release Party for LOVE REVERSED was fun. Thanks all who came out. I hope you enjoyed my posts.

Congrats go out to Michele Harrison the winner of a PDF copy of LOVE REVERSED.

Love Reversed Cyber Launch Winner

Congrats go out to Loray (sweetpea)!

She is the winner of a PDF copy of LOVE REVERSED from my 02 January release party at The Cyber Launch Party.

Thanks all who came out.

Stuff Your Stocking Blogfest Winner

Congratulations goes out to Amber Hall the winner of my post at the LASR/WC Stuff Your Stocking Blogfest event who got a PDF copy of LOVE REVERSED.

Thanks all for playing.

Birthday Bash Winners

I had a wonderful time at Coffee Time Romance Erotic chat loop. Cynthia Sax, Stephanie Burke, Brannan Black, and Ayla Ruse came out with several readers to celebrate my birthday as well my new releases. The loop was mad crazy for the six hours I was there.

I held two contests for a PDF copy of LOVE REVERSED and a box full of Hawaiian goodies. The winners are Audrey Hook (MS) and Becca Lewis (NC). Congrats, ladies, and enjoy your prizes when they arrive.

MMBH ZenRen Winner

To all the participants of the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop, thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed reading all of your answers. It’s great to meet up with so many TSO fans. 😀

Congrats goes out to Mary Reiss, the winner of my part in the MMBH. Stay tuned to the main contest site for the winner of the grand prize.

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas!

Cyber Launch Winner: Stripping Christmas

Congrats go out to Tammy Ramey, my winner for the 20 December Stripping Christmas Cyber Launch Party held by Author Island.

Newsletter Contest Winner #9 (Nov)

As I said in my newsletter (if you get my newsletter, and if you don’t, why not?), I totally blanked on choosing the November winner. I thought I did it, but it turns out that I didn’t. So I apologize about that. I’ll do better next time, which won’t be December since this month’s contest took on a new format.

No matter what form it takes, remember you have to be subscribed to my newsletter in order to play (hint hint).

November 2011 Winner

Hawaiian Treats
Sue Ahn (Canada)

Congrats to her and another huge apology for taking so long to get your prize in the mail. Hopefully, it’s gotten there by now. Or will be there soon.

The next contest will be in January. I’ve got three print books to give out thanks to Kim at SOS Aloha. Stay tuned to January’s issue for details.

Winner Bewitching Trick-Or-Treat Blog Hop

My winner for the Bewitching Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop is Jennifer Mathis (MO). She’s receiving Caveat Emptor 1: Charmed Lover, Caveat Emptor 2: Trapped Lover, and a Men of Hawaii 2012 calendar.

Huge congrats to Jennifer!

Thanks everybody who stopped by the blog and left comments.

Newsletter Contest Winner #8 (Oct)

I’m on my way out the door practically but I had to get the winner picked and mailed out before I hop on that plane to Hawaii.

Remember, you have to be subscribed to my newsletter in order to play (hint hint).

October 2011 Newsletter

Moonlight & Magnolias Goody Bag Winner
Wanda Flanagan (NC)


Next month’s prize will be a Hawaiian surprise. Stay tuned.

Newsletter Contest Winners #7 (Sep)

It’s way past time I announced my winners, but I’ve been bogged down with moving stuff. I’ve chosen them now and here they are.

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September 2011 Newsletter

Box-o-Books #1 Contest Winner
Lisa Garrett (FL)

Box-o-Books #2 Contest Winner
Jackie Wisherd (CA)

Box-o-Books #3 Contest Winner
Gabrielle Jones (OH)


Newsletter Contest Winners #6 (Aug)

A lot delayed but finally done.

Here are the winners of the August Newsletter Roll Call. This time the winners receive gift certificates rather than books. But they can use the gift certificates to get books. 😛

Remember, you have to be subscribed to my newsletter in order to play (hint hint).

August 2011 Newsletter
Winners of $6 in Strandbucks
Joan OToole
Anne Muller
Renee Shook
Susan Benedict
Winners of $5.50 coupon code to Samhain
Suzy Roy
Colleen Poor
Darcy Johnson
Pat Bohn
Rachel Morse
Heather Chamblin
Earlene Gillespie
Michelle Bauer


Join me next month for more prizes and more giveaways.

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