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Happy Friday the 13th ;P

Well, Adrienne is out.

Monday I was antsy as hell and gave myself an adrenaline headache. That was a good thing, because it got me in bed early. After a few pain pills I was out like a light. Only prob was that I woke up around 2am, thus overshooting my alarm by an hour and a half. I made myself stay in bed until 3am, then jumped out of bed, rushed thru my morning routine, and plopped down in front of my computer.

I should have got out of bed at 2am when I woke up since I hardly had time to do all the stuff I needed. I did the drawing for the lottery contest on my site then notified all the entrants. Beth R. from MD won (congrats to her). Next, I changed my site so the contest was closed and all the links led to MBaM (My Bookstore and More). I love my website, but having to update every single page (or rather, all the pages with Adrienne links) one at a time at the speed of my internet connection is a pain in the butt. I made a few announcements on some forums and then I was out the door without breakfast–too hyper to eat and running a little late.

My plan for Tuesday was to do work, go see Transformers again (saw it opening weekend in GA), then come home and finish up whatever I couldn’t get done that morning–like emailing free copies to those who won them. Transformers rocked the second time around and everything was great until I got home and found my power was out. It stayed out for another two and half hours after that–very annoying. It finally came back on and I didn’t have much time before I had to go to bed. I did manage to get some stuff done.

Since my release, there are four people that I know of (there may be more) that have finished Adrienne and loved it. Two told me in one of the forums I’m with, one left a comment on MBaM (would love some others… please), and the other emailed me. I’m glad people like it and be assured I am hard at work on my third (second is Serenity due out March 2008).

Just as an FYI (because someone already asked), there is a direct sequel to Adrienne but Serenity isn’t it. Serenity is the introduction of another alternate reality. If you’ve checked out the Book Info section of my site, you’ll notice there are bunches of other worlds (even though you can’t select them). I have an intro book for each world planned before I revisit any of them. And, Adrienne‘s sequel is a looooooooong ways off. That’s part of a “future tense” run I plan to have where you meet up with some children of past characters (that’s all I’m saying about that).

In my last post I mentioned a rant about my messed up book launch party in GA. I’m in too good a mood to revisit that annoyance. I did spill my guts (when it was fresh) on the WriteMinded Blog as part of their “what pissed you off most recently” contest. If you want to read about it, then go there.

What else?

On the advice of my editor, I went back thru my LiveJournal–that I’ve had since 2002–and locked out any and all personal posts. I only skimmed over some of my posts from days of yore and I don’t remember what I wrote but on the off chance that something I said in the past might offend someone, I locked them (not even my friends can see them). I didn’t link to my LJ on purpose, if you want to read it, you’ll have to find it.

Well, I stumped myself. Guess I’m out of things to talk about. My topic for next week will be “Hoarding Addresses”. Hopefully I’ll get to it sooner than I got to this post.

My goals for this weekend:

1a – Finish my revisions on Kashmir (name of my third novel). No, it’s not pronounced the way you think. I know how it’s spelled but there is no “j” sound, just “sh”.

1b – Implement my revisions. When I say I’m revising something, that means I’ve printed it out and started attacking it with a red ink pen. There’s something about red ink on a print out that just works for me (go figure). The weekend may be done before I can get to this one which is why I made it a part of the first instead of it’s own separate number.

2 – Go see “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”. That’s on the schedule for tomorrow. I’ll post a movie review on my LJ. I used to do movie reviews on my LJ all the time and then stopped. I’m going to start again.

3 – Read Descendants of the Light by Eve Vaughn and Mine Over Matter by Kai Andersen. I’ve been saying for the last three weeks that I would do that and damn it, I need to hop to before the final Harry Potter arrives next Saturday.

4 – Write my newsletter. It’s time for the next newsletter–I send them out once a month.

5 – Finish my handwoven bookmarks. I have a contest going where the prize is a handwoven bookmark (I own an inkle loom and I love using it) and I haven’t even made the bookmarks yet. It’s not hard (at least I don’t think so), I just need to sit still long enough. The same could be said of #3.

Need More Time

I know, everyone always says they need more time in the day. I don’t really need more time, I just need the ability to multiply myself so I can get stuff done. One to keep up with forums and posting on my different sites, one to research and compile facts for books and to later publish on my site, one to go to my day job, another to clean the house, another to run errands, one more to read my vast collection of books and manga and comics, and then that leaves me to write. *Sigh* It won’t happen though. So, it’s just me. Which means, I need to learn time allocation. *snort, rolls eyes* That’ll happen (<-sarcasm). So, let’s see what happened:

1 – Saturday I went to a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. luncheon at Champps in Columbia, MD with Angela James (editor) and Eve Vaughn. Angela brought her 2yr old daughter (she’s a cutey). Jean Marie Ward got sick and Bianca D’Arc got a flat, so they couldn’t make it. I’m still not sure what happened to Joy (from Joyfully Reviewed) but she didn’t make it either.

It was still a fun lunch. Champps has great food. And I got to meet and talk to Eve and Angela. Eve signed books for me and my friend Terez. I had books for Bianca and Jean to sign, but I’ll have to catch them next time around. Jean’s mentioned having a gathering of the authors in this area just so we know who’s where. 🙂

2 – As of 8pm last night, a new excerpt for ADRIENNE was posted on my site. I got one more excerpt to go, which will be posted next week, and then the big day arrives. I’m so antsy. The closer it gets the less I’m able to concentrate on anything. I haven’t written a blasted word in two weeks. It’s annoying. Once I get out of this mode–writer’s block because of anticipation anxiety–I’ll be a writing machine… I hope.

My latest WIP is 90% complete. I hope to have it out of the way by the end of July, along with some novellas I started. One novella looks like it might become a category if I’m not careful and the other novella came to me (the last thing I wrote before this block started) one Saturday morning. I didn’t leave my computer until it was mostly written (5000 words in 6-7hrs). I know that’s not even half a novella (by Samhain standards) but that’s pretty good for the amount of time; and I got enough written that I know how the main characters meet, what the plot is, how the plot is resolved, and the ending. I just gotta flesh it out. Who knows, by August I may be announcing another novel contract and two novella contracts. Keep your fingers crossed.

My goals for today:
1 – Finish Book Launch Party goodie bags (50 bags of handsewn tulle… yes, I’m out of my mind, but that’s why my books are so interesting). These goodie bags are choke full of Samhain authors’ postcards, bookmarks, magnets, business cards, etc.

2 – Switch out my purse. I got a new purse yesterday. I had to, the old one wasn’t big enough to accomodate my PDA, digital camera, iPod, wallet, promo postcards, promo bookmarks, business cards and a whole host of other things. The new purse isn’t that much bigger than the old but it has more comparments–I’m going for better organized rather than bigger.

3 – Answer Coffee Time Romance’s Question of the Week. This is third because I really need to do #1 and #2 first. 🙂 I love CTR–Kayelle and Karenne are the greatest–but that party is Saturday and I need to start using my new purse before I lose something.

4 – Reattach my surround sound speakers to the wall. I used 3M’s contact tabs to hang up my speakers so I wouldn’t put holes in the wall (in an apt). They held all winter long, but the minute the heat hit my speakers fell off the walls. On their way down, they demolished my Justice League figurines. Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern survived; but Hawkgirl, Batman, Martian Manhunter, and Lex Luther bit it. I could glue them, but that would look tacky. Once I get the money, I’ll just buy them again. (*sigh* like I’m not already going broke with the addition of a car payment.)

That’s it. I want to put a number five, but I doubt I’ll get further than #3.

Next blog topic: Lack of Opinion (as soon as I get time, I’ll post my rant about this.)

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