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RVC Blog Hop ~ Teasers

Welcome to my contribution to the Red Velvet Christmas Blog Hop.

Red Velvet Blog Hop Stops

~ Hero’s with Anne Kane
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Red Velvet Blog Hop 2013

Enjoy these little teases from the Red Velvet Christmas authors.

Yet to Come by Zenobia Renquist

Yet To Come by Zenobia RenquistHe’s so bad and so good for her at the same time.

Rae is a ghost of Christmas future. Her track record for making people see and turn to the light is unblemished, except for one man. Zane has hit her list for the third and final time. The incentive he wants to be good is one she refuses to give him. Rae cannot be with a man who allies so easily with bad, but her desire demands she not be without him. At sunrise Christmas morning, her powers fade and with them any chance she has of seeing Zane again unless he can convince her the best is yet to come.

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“Why can’t you forget about that and just think of us?”
“Because that is why I’m here, Zane.”
“No. This” — he thrust his hips while loosening his grip so she dropped onto his arousal — “is why you’re here.”
Rae stared at him with her mouth open. No sound could express the bliss raging through her. She clenched around Zane’s dick, ushering it deeper. She wanted him to move. When Zane lifted her, she drew in a breath of anticipation. He held her above his dick with his crown penetrating her channel, and then stopped moving.
It took Rae a second to register the situation. She wiggled but didn’t have the position or leverage to complete the contact. “Zane?”


Ribboned by Megan Slayer

Ribboned by Megan SlayerRibbons aren’t just for decorating anymore.

Daria Elf never expected to be moved to the velvet ribbon department right before Christmas. She also never expected her boss to be the object of her wettest fantasies. Can she keep her cool, or will she end up on Raven’s Naughty List?

Raven Elf has his sights set on Daria. He wants her for his department, his bed and bound in his thick velvet ribbons. He’ll get his girl, but the hard part is convincing her that their connection is meant to last.

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“Daria, look.” He jumped from his seat and stood opposite her at the table. “I started in packing and left as soon as this job opened up. I get to work by myself and set my own hours. I’m not a brute but I’m coarse. I like things done my way.” He braced his hands on the dark oak table top. “I picked you because I thought a change would be good. I was wrong. If you want to head back to the packing department, you’re free to go.”
“I’m good.” He wanted to push her away? Even more reason to stick around. “I won’t pester you, but I have to know. You use those ribbons for more than just presents. Would you show me?” She’d opened the biggest can of worms, but she didn’t care.
Raven finally looked at her. He tipped his head and the corner of his mouth twitched.
“I’m not afraid of you.”
“You should be.”


Reindeer Sex Games by Lacey Savage

Reindeer Sex Games by Lacey SavageWhat’s a girl to do when she discovers the hunk she’s been bedding is the genuine red-nosed…

Nikki McAvoy knows of only one way to make it through the holiday season unscathed, and that’s by hooking up with a stranger on Christmas Eve. When she spots Rudolph at the bar, she knows she’s got her man. A bit of flirting leads to much, much more… and soon Nikki is spread-eagled and tied to a bed, playing the kind of reindeer games she’s only fantasized about.

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“Wow,” she murmured, not taking her eyes off his dick. “Just… wow.”
He glanced down to where she was looking. His erection lay across his abdomen, the tip reaching his belly button. A bead of moisture had gathered at the slit, and as they both watched it, the wetness dripped into his navel.
“Your turn,” he said, pulling himself up a little higher. “You promised we’d both be naked.”
She swallowed hard. A hint of apprehension entered her beautiful eyes. “I also promised you whiskey.” She tried to sound flippant, but he heard the slight trembling in her voice. “Want some?”
“Hell no. I want you.”
The tip of her tongue slid across her lower lip. The gesture was so damn sexy, Rudolph’s cock twitched, and his balls drew up close to his body. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take. His dick throbbed, needing to be inside her heat.
“You’re so… big. I don’t know if I can…” She gnawed on her lip as the rest of her words faded away.
Rudolph groaned. What had she expected? He was hung like a reindeer.


Merry Mate by B.J. McCall

Merry Mate by B.J. McCallWhat would you do to find your one true love?

A red velvet Santa’s hat that only fits one’s true love? Sierra doesn’t believe in magic, but she’s willing to give it a try and find her merry mate.

Banning is in love with Sierra, but the werewolves of Elk Mountain stick to their own kind. Banning would do anything to spend time with the beautiful she-wolf and he’s more than willing to try on a Santa’s hat to please her.

Humans are off limits, but what’s a wolf to do when the hat is a perfect fit?

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“I’ve only lived here a year, but I’ve heard the mating sex. The growling, snarling, yipping and the howling that echoes down the valley.”
“There’s a ritual to mating.”
“Always on the full moon.”
“Some couples will go before the elders for permission, but most wait for the elders to proclaim a claiming moon. If the female is ready to mate, she’ll go into the forest and wait for the full moon to rise before giving her mating howl.”
“The interested wolves respond?”
“Yes. Depending on the female, one or several wolves might enter the race. She’ll lead them on a wild chase through the forest.”
Banning nuzzled her breast. “That will bring the alpha out in a male.”


Vera’s Christmas Wish by Sarah Mäkelä

Vera's Christmas Wish by Sarah MäkeläVera’s back in Finland looking to find some Yuletide love with a sexy elf.

Vera Hayes had the most amazing Christmas ever a year ago. Now she’s back in Finland hoping to find Pekka, her sexy Finnish elf, in hopes of creating new and delightful holiday memories. Not having any luck, she goes back to her cabin where a deranged goat man storms inside demanding food and drink.

On the run from the goat man, she stumbles across Pekka overseeing a huge herd of reindeer. He’s glad to see her, even if he’s more than a little amused at the trouble she always finds herself in.

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He kissed her forehead, and heat swept through her body.
That one small gesture flared the bond between them, something she thought she’d only imagined before. Now, she knew her attraction to Pekka was more than a wild fling with a sexy elf at Christmas time. This was something meant to be for longer than just a few nights.
Pekka dashed toward one of the cabins. It looked quite a bit different from the one where she was staying. They looked so much older. For a moment, she wondered exactly how old Pekka was, but maybe that would be more than she wanted to know right now. If she found out too much too quickly, it might terrify her.
Shoving those thoughts away, she still couldn’t believe she’d found him again. Her heart sang with joy.


Ticket to Ride by Ana Raine

Ticket to Ride by Ana RaineAddison finds Taylor’s kinky bondage magazine and decides to wrap up the best Christmas present…

Addison and Taylor have been together for five years, but when they move in together, Addison discovers Taylor has a secret — a hidden stash of bondage magazines, with pictures of Addison tucked inside.

Addison never thought he’d be into kinky sex, but he’d do anything to please Taylor — including venturing out to an adult toy store on a hunt to find out more about BDSM. He’s intrigued enough to bring home a rope set so he can surprise Taylor with the best Christmas present ever — a kinky, tied up Addison.

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My thoughts drifted as his hand expertly worked my zipper and guided my pants over my hips and down my legs. His hands were soft and had perfected the exact movement I desired right before his slick lips encased me. My hands were already groping for the counter so I could steady myself. When Taylor latched on, I had no hope of escape.
I hadn’t wanted him to swallow the first time, and desperately, my hands had wound inside of his silky hair, but his grip only tightened around my thighs. He held me in place. Forced me to accept the pleasure he was giving me, and hell if I didn’t love what he did. I just couldn’t express how badly I wanted more…
But more of what…I hadn’t figured that part out just yet.
His tongue licked my tip before he seemed to swallow me whole. My fingers scraped uselessly against the marble countertop and because I knew I’d lose myself far too soon if I looked at him, I stared through the blinds ahead of me instead.


Ribbons and Lace by Anne Kane

Ribbons and Lace by Anne KaneAll he wants for Christmas is a sexy little elf!

When Leonardo Delgado fell in love with a woman who was already engaged, he resigned himself to loving her from afar. But when her fiancé ran off with another woman, he knew exactly what he wanted to make his Christmas merry!

Amanda-Lyn doesn’t believe in love anymore. She takes a job as an elf at the local mall, and starts to rebuild her life. A nice one-night stand without all that romantic nonsense is all she wants this holiday season. It might have worked, too, except for her sinfully handsome boss and a jolly old matchmaking man in a red suit and cap.

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Amanda-Lyn watched him approach. Muscles rippled beneath his shirt, suggesting a leashed sensual power beneath his urbane exterior. Handing her one, he lifted his glass in salute. His eyes gleamed darkly. “To the sexiest elf I’ve ever seen.”
Amanda-Lyn acknowledged the toast. Raising her glass she took a sip of the clear amber liquid, savouring the taste as it ran down her throat with the creamy smoothness of a well-aged vintage. Mr. Delgado certainly didn’t skimp on his liquor budget! “Nice”. She ran the tip of her tongue across her lips to capture an errant drop.
“I pride myself on getting the best of everything.” Setting his glass down on the edge of the desk, he took a step toward her. The hot anticipation in his eyes sent liquid flames skittering across the surface of her skin. Reaching blindly behind her, she abandoned her drink on the desk just as he reached her.

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Cooking My First Turkey

Sooo… I said I would chronicle my first time cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving and here it is. 😀

Day One – 20 November 2012

After going out shopping one last time to get my meat thermometer (digital with timer as suggested by Alton Brown on the Good Eats Thanksgiving episode) and a flat turkey pan, I came home to start the first part of my turkey prep.

Making the brine…

And weaving the bacon (thick-sliced peppered bacon) that will sit on the breast while the turkey cooks. The rest of the bacon will be wrapped around various parts of the turkey.

Day Two – 21 November 2012

Time to brine the turkey. I did this late in the day for two reasons. I wanted it to brine overnight, and I didn’t want the ice to melt, putting the turkey in poultry danger zone, while I was sleeping.

This is the turkey in the brine, bucket and ice.

This is the bucket (with the lid on) sitting in the sink, which helped radiate the cold. I also covered it in a large garbage to help insulate it even more.

The ice totally lasted — still cubes there when I got up the next morning. Next year I’m getting a water cooler and doing the brine in that.

Day Three – 22 November 2012


I got my happy butt up at 6AM (which is like six hours before I even think about getting up normally) so I could do this turkey. We were due at our friends’ house at noon, so I wanted to leave plenty of time in case of turkey shenanigans.

Sooo… this is the turkey after being in the oven for five minutes. I forgot to take the pre-cook picture. So I rushed in, whipped it out, took the picture and then shoved it back in the oven again. 500 degrees for 30 Minutes.

This is the turkey in the oven. 😀

This is the turkey after dropping the temp down to 350 degrees and sticking in the meat thermometer (on the counter next to the oven). I really love this digital thermometer. You set the temperature you want (in this case 161 degrees in the breast) and, when the bird gets to that temp, the alarm sounds. No fuss, no muss cooking.

A little under three hours later… TURKEY! These are two pictures of the finished bird. The bacon isn’t burnt, just really, REALLY crispy. 😀

Wrap up the turkey and a quick trip for Andy, Tiff, and me out to Jared and Autumn’s place to have Thanksgiving dinner. Autumn made the most amazing Thanksgiving Apple Cider margaritas (pictured below). YUM.

The three bowls are for making rims on the glasses — one bowl has lemon juice, one has raw sugar, and the last has crushed graham crackers for the spiked egg nog served later. 😛

And this is all the food. The turkey in the left corner is not mine. That’s the second turkey. Corn bread, two types of gravy (white and brown), stuffing, two types of mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, candied yams,  and green bean casserole.

Sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pumpkin dip with vanilla wafers, and orange marshmallow fluff.

But you all wondering how the turkey turned out. I carved my turkey (first time doing that too). I can tell you I can’t carve worth a damn. I sliced off the first small piece and decided to do the taste test. I did cook it after all.

Instant joy-gasm. BEST TURKEY EVER!

Juicy, tons of flavor, and a huge hit with all the Thanksgiving guests. Even after sitting out for the five hours of eating and yapping and then driving home, the turkey was still juicy and delicious. Everyone had tons of compliments for my first turkey. I owe it all to Alton Brown and Good Eats because that recipe of his is a total WIN.

Sidenote: The bacon is not part of Alton Brown’s recipe. I added that because I wanted to do a bacon-wrapped turkey. I will be using different (thinner sliced) bacon next time around.

I feel confident that I can do this again and I’m already looking forward to next year.

Holiday Wish – Mom 2009


To all the moms, soon-to-be moms, step moms, moms in spirit, and everything in between. Mothers make the world go round (and if you tick them off, moms can also make the world stop). Give them props ’cause it’s not easy raising the next generation to be better than the first.


Happy Vday 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My VDay card to you:


From me and mine to you and yours…

Merry Christmas!!!


If you don’t celebrate, then just ignore this post and go to the one below it. If you do, then check out this link as an ode to food (very funny and cute):