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So I just got a takedown notice for my post about La Blue Girl. I have no clue what in that post would have prompted a DMCA. I had my opinion of the anime (highly recommending it), the stats for the anime (manufacturer, number of episodes, my re-write of the blurb) and a buy link (supplied by the Amazon affiliate program) leading to where people could get said anime LEGALLY (because lord knows I can name off a bunch of places you can get it illegally).

The post is now gone along with all my other posts about Hentai/Ecchi. Since I have no clue what spawned the DMCA, I just decided to take them all down and save myself a headache. I’ll have to think of something else to post on Saturdays. For now, that’s nothing.

And to whoever sent the DMCA to Google — WTF!? You couldn’t contact me directly first? My email address, Twitter, FB, website, etc are all OVER this blog. It’s not like you couldn’t have sent me a direct email FIRST. Hell you could have left a comment on the post. Since all comments are on moderation, I would have gotten the message directly to my email.

Anime Review: Katanagatari


12 episodes (one hour per episode)
Released January – December 2010 (one episode per month)

Basic Premise
Yasuri Shichika is the seventh head of the Kyoutouryou school of martial arts — a form of fighting that turns the fighter into a living sword. Together with the Strategian Togame, he has been tasked to collect the twelve deviant blades of Shikizaki Kiki — swords so powerful that each blade is wholly unique in the world and the power of the blade takes over the user — in order to secure the future, and the past, of Japan from those who would use the blades for corrupt purposes.

This anime hooked me from the very first hour long episode. I saw the promotional image and read the synopsis when it first released in January 2010 and decided to pass. A few months later, out of sheer boredom and need for a new anime to watch, I started the series.

I am very happy I held off watching it as long as I did, because I discovered the series only released one episode a month. I was able to watch several episodes all at once, which I enjoyed.

The last episode recently released, wrapping up the entire series. I am in awe. I thought the last episode would make me angry but I found myself loving it and the entire series. Action, comedy, romance, suspense, intrigue, magic, tragedy, drama — you name it, this anime had it all. Once the collected DVD series releases, I plan to own it.

The art style of the anime has a simplistic grace that draws the eye. It’s almost like the creators made the art simple because the plot is so complicated. I’m still a little confused about certain things, but that confusion only gives me an excuse to watch the whole series over from the beginning.

While this anime boasted a great number of amazing characters, my favorite character is Nanami, Shichika’s sister. She is so powerful and so scary. I would love to write a character similar to her though I’m not totally sure what story (besides this one) could hold her. Of course, my second favorite after her is Shichika.

I have watched many anime this year. This one tops them all.

Anime Review: Clannad


– dating sim (Key Clannad) adapted to anime
– licensed by Sentai Filmworks
– 24 episodes (4 disc DVD)
– related:
* Clannad Movie (alternate retelling)
* Clannad: After Story (sequel 25 episodes)
* Clannad: Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de (manga)

Basic Premise:
Tomoya Okazaki — a self-proclaimed delinquent student and bum — is despondent. He lost his mother as a young age, his father is an alcoholic, and life doesn’t seem to be getting better, only worse in the last days of his high school career. He doesn’t see the point of anything anymore, until he meets Nagisa Furukawa. Her journey to recreate the school drama club gives Tomoya’s life new meaning. It also opens him up to new people, new experiences, and new love.

I’m breaking my “no spoilers” rule for this one. You’ll see why if you keep reading. You’ve been warned.

As an anime adapted from a dating sim, I knew Clannad would be a typical harem anime. True to form, good looking, buxom beauties were raining from the woodwork all around Tomoya — Nagisa, Ryou and Kyou (the identical twins), Fuuko, Tomoyo (no this isn’t a typo), and Kotomi. Each has their own unique issues and personalities that make them easy to distinguish.

This anime see-sawed from absolute hilarity to tear-jerking sadness as we learn more about each of the girls and their lives. There was no in between. It’s obvious from the beginning that Tomoya will end up with Nagisa (she’s the main face in the opening credits and she’s the one he spends the most time with).

So far as shoujo dating sims turned anime go, this one was pretty good. I would love to go back and watch the funny parts again because they had me rolling. The sad parts I would skip. It was too much angst and too much drama. That was the reason I skimmed the movie and didn’t bother watching Clannad: After Story. I couldn’t take it anymore. Though I did catch a peek at the end of Clannad: After Story just to see how it ended.

If you want to just cut to the chase, then watch Clannad the Movie. It’s the same basic story (Tomoya plus Nagisa) but told at a faster pace. I didn’t watch the whole thing for reasons stated above, so I can’t say what was left out when making the movie.

As a bonus, there are two alternate stories. One at the end of Clannad (Tomoya plus Tomoyo) and one at the end of Clannad: After Story (Tomoya plus Kyou). I’m kind of upset they didn’t do an alternate story for Kotomi. She was my favorite.

For those who like the high school drama/romances then this one is perfect for you. Just be warned it is a little angst heavy. And by “little” I mean a lot.

I only had one major issue with this anime. It was a huge gaping flaw that, as a writer, I simply could not ignore. Tomoya, the main character, isn’t fleshed out enough so he seems like an asshole.

Yes, he plays pranks on his friends and cuts classes and other things as such, but those incidents are not to what I’m referring. I’m talking about his treatment of his father.

According to Tomoya, after his mother died, he and his father had a fight that left Tomoya unable to lift his right arm past his shoulder so he had to quit basketball. This is harsh because he loved basketball and had entered the high school to pursue that vocation to the fullest.

It’s not clear when Tomoya’s mother died. He says before he knew himself, which is extremely vague. He was on the basketball team when he entered high school. This is evidenced because the captain knew him and of his injury in intimate detail. So the fight had to have happened when he was fifteen or sixteen.

By the time we meet Tomoya, he’s already given up on everything and is estranged from his father, who is an alcoholic. Whenever Tomoya and his father interact, his father is sober and trying to bridge the distance by taking an interest in Tomoya’s hobbies or trying to have meals with him. In all instances, Tomoya acts wary towards his father, ignores the man, or runs away (in some cases literally), making Tomoya look like a jerk for not even giving his father a chance.

I thought perhaps this was just my view of the situation. However, one of the girls starts coming over to cook Tomoya breakfast and get him out of bed on time so he won’t be tardy to school any longer. She meets Tomoya’s father and reports that she found him nice. She even seems confused when Tomoya ignores his father, which is good because she isn’t the only one.

The writers try to show Tomoya’s father in a bad light. One of Tomoya’s teachers decides to do a home visit. Even though Tomoya dodges, the teacher ends up talking to Tomoya’s father. The topic is Tomoya’s future. Tomoya’s father tells the teacher that Tomoya’s future is up to Tomoya and that the teacher should discuss such things with Tomoya.

I guess this is a disconnect between Japanese culture and American culture, because I didn’t see the issue. A parent willing to let their child decide their own future and their own happiness. Yippee. Isn’t this usually the conflict in most anime — the main character railing against the future his/her parents have laid out and wanting to decide on their own? Finally an anime parent is doing just that and I’m supposed to see that as bad. O.o? I’m a little confused.

Each time the viewer sees Tomoya’s father he is sober, quiet spoken, somewhat withdrawn, and very sad. Seeing the way Tomoya reacts to his father makes the man even sadder and makes Tomoya seem more and more like the bully of the pair. It makes me wonder, since the writers never tell you in the anime, what started the fight between Tomoya and his father and how exactly did Tomoya get hurt.

Is this one of those teenage misunderstandings? Did an accident happen during the fight that caused Tomoya’s injury and perhaps he blames his father because he thinks the man did it on purpose? There were no answers given, unless they are in Clannad: After Story. It’s a huge question left hanging and big gaping hole in Tomoya’s characterization that I can’t get over.

Anime Review: The Wallflower

The Wallflower
(Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)

manga by Tomoko Kayakawa adapted to anime
Anime licensed by FUNimation (Manga by Del Rey)
25 episodes (24 Manga Volumes)
comedy, romance, male harem, high school, bishounen, somewhat paranormal

Basic Premise
Ranmaru Morii, Kyohei Takano, Takenaga Oda, and Yukinojoh Tohyama all live in a big beautiful mansion. They have the potential to live there rent free if they can turn the niece of the owner into the perfect lady. If they can’t, then their rent will be tripled. None of the guys thinks the situation is too bad until they meet Sunako Nakahara. She is dark and moody and loves all things gothic and morbid. Her greatest joy in life is embracing the darkness and staying out of the limelight. The guys have a fight on their hands if they want to pry Sunako out of her shell. It’s a fight to the finish and neither side will back down.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with this anime. I only started watching it out of curiosity since the niece of a friend professed an interest in it. I’m an anime nut so I decided to give it a chance.

I was hooked from episode one. This anime is hilarious. I love Sunako. She’s a character to whom most anyone can relate. Picked on in school, she decided that living in darkness would mean never being hurt again. Her logic is sound but her family and friends won’t let that happen. The wackiness that ensues from trying to get her to be “normal” makes this anime a keeper.

My favorite of all the guys is Kyohei. He’s not just a pretty face. And, his personality definitely doesn’t match his looks. He’s the best looking of the four guys (according to the manga/anime and I agree) and has the most followers and the most problems because of those followers. Because of those problems, he’s developed a bad attitude. That keeps him grounded and believable. He’s not a playboy character breaking hearts every few seconds (that would be Ranmaru and he annoys me). If anything, Kyohei and Sunako are a lot alike since they both just want to be left alone, though they both reached that conclusion from different sides of the same spectrum.

My only complaint was that the anime ends before the story/plot runs its course. I’ve peeked at the manga, which I decided to get since I liked the anime so much, and it goes far and beyond what happened in the anime. Sometimes that happens, so it’s not a huge surprise. It’ll be interesting to see how the plot ends.

Even though I have that one complaint, this is still a great anime and I recommend it to anyone who likes Fruits Basket or Ouran High School Host Club.

Anime Review: Kobato


manga by CLAMP adapted to anime
Not licensed in US, fan subs only
24 episodes
Slice of Life, comedy, drama, romance, fantasy

Basic Premise
Kobato Hanato is a mysterious girl who has just appeared out of thin air… literally. She’s on a heavenly mission to mend the broken hearts of the people around her. Once she has mended enough broken hearts, she will receive her fondest wish. Many challenges face Kobato since the simplest things seem to elude her, but she has the help of Ioryogi, her guide who appears to be a stuffed animal (even though he isn’t).

I pretty much like anything CLAMP puts out, even if I am hesitant to watch it. Kobato was no exception. I liked it.

It’s presented in the usual CLAMP style and flair. There is an overall plot and an underlying plot that helps move the overall plot along. The characters are believable and loveable and you feel for them when things go wrong for them.

The part that I really loved were the cameos. You get a cameo from Shuichiro and Kohaku from Wish (even though the fansubbers kept mistaking Kohaku for a girl…ugh) and the men of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (which made me want to watch the show despite being very against it in the beginning. You’ll have to read the review for that one, once I finish watching it, to find out why). There is reference to another plot that I will have to track down just to find out what’s going on with Ioryogi and his friends.

Despite not having some of the back story on a few things, it was still entertaining and attention-grabbing. Fans of CLAMP will like this series. I actually wouldn’t mind sitting through it again if I had nothing else newer to watch.

Anime Review: Durarara!!


(also known as DRRR!!)
Series of novels by Ryohgo Narita adapted to anime and manga
Not Licensed in US, fan subs only
24 Episodes (DVD exclusive 25th ep)
Paranormal, High School, Drama, Horror, Suspense, Light Comedy, Light Romance

Basic Premise
Mikado Ryuugamine has just moved to Tokyo — Ikebukuro to be exact. He’s having to adjust to a big city from a little town and learn the ins and outs of dealing with the city’s many ecletic inhabitants. From a headless, black-clad motorcycle rider to a bartender who’d rather chuck a whole soda machine (full of soda) at you as look at you. It’s a wild ride, but Mikado seems up to challenge with the help of his old and new friends.

This series has a LOT of characters. It’s hard to keep them all straight at first. I was almost turned off by the sheer number of introductory characters. But, lacking anything else to watch, I decided to stick with it. I’m glad I did.

This is an anime that is about several different characters and a single narrator who all have different stories going until it all comes together at the end and you go “Ahhhhh! That’s why.”

It has elements of almost every genre. There is comedy (at least I laughed, but then I have a sick sense of humor). There is horror with a headless motorcycle rider wielding a scythe and an unknown slasher attacking people at random. There is most definitely drama with the typical high school hijinks and teachers who can’t keep their hands to themselves. And, I already mentioned the paranormal element. Most everyone should find something to endear them to this anime. Then again, that might be a turn off for some.

All the characters were three-dimensional. There were a few with some question marks but the majority of the characters were fleshed out throughout the series. Just when you think you know someone, you learn more about them and that makes you like them more.

My favorite character from the beginning of the series until the end was Shizuo Heiwajima. I LOVE that man. He made the entire series friggin’ hilarious for me. He is a man who isn’t limited by the physical limitations of the human body. At a moment’s notice, he can call on inhuman amounts of strength through sheer will to do an insane amount of damage to whomever is dumb enough to get him angry. No one crosses him and those who do regret it.

I ended this series (at ep 24, hoping to see 25) wanting more… in a good way. I wanted it to keep going so I could see what comes next. But, as in all good things, it had to come to an end before they ruined it.

Overall, this series requires patience. People who liked Watchmen probably won’t have many issues with this series. I’m sorry I can’t give an anime reference. I’ve seen so many over so many years that I can’t think of an anime that compares.

Anime Review: Princess Lover

Princess Lover

12 episodes
Comedy, Harem Romance, High School

Basic Premise
Teppei Arima has lost his parents in a tragic accident. He is adopted by his maternal grandfather, the head of the Arima combine, which is the real power behind Japan’s economy. Teppei has to get used to life in a new school with new friends, a new fiancee, as well as figure out a plot that threatens to bring his new life to a halt.

Teppei is an interesting guy. He is a practitioner of kendo and takes life seriously despite his oblivious attitude towards most outward stimuli. He’s a likable character and it’s understandable why he ends up with a harem of four hot anime chicks clamoring for his attention.

Yuu is his maid. She’s the practical, gentle one. Sylvia is the fiancee in the arranged marriage. She’s a no-nonsense fencing savant who attacks life the way her sword attacks her opponents. Seika is the head of the society club and a lead fashion designer who sees a goal and plows towards it full steam ahead. And then there is Charlotte, the princess in the title. That’s all she is. She’s a complete waste of animation and a total TSTL heroine.

If the writers could have left Charlotte out of the plot, and just focused on Sylvia, Yuu, and Seika, it would have been a great anime. Heck, they didn’t even really need Seika since she just represented a Japanese version of Sylvia, who is European.

Through the whole anime, I was routing for Charlotte to disappear. I didn’t care if it was violent or incidental so long as she left. No such luck. Her inclusion halved the enjoyment of this anime greatly.

The feel of the anime was fun. The plot faded in and out and was easily forgotten until the writer remembered to mention it. The villain was half-assed and over dramatic. All in all, an anime to pass the time if you have nothing else better to watch.

Anime Review: Dragonaut The Resonance

Dragonaut: The Resonance

Company: Gonzo (Japan), FUNimation (USA)
Episodes: 25
Genre: Shounen, Fantasy/SciFi, Action, Romance
Themes: Dragons, Semi-Mech, T&A, World-Ending Battles
Manga: Not that I found

Basic Premise:
The ISDA is working on the D-Project a means to save Earth from an impending threat known as Thanatos. D-Project has created dragons that are bound to humans and fight alongside them. In order to make these Earth-born dragons stronger, ISDA needs Toa an original dragon from Thanatos. She is the key to stopping Thanatos and the only way to find and control her is to get Jin Kamishina on ISDA’s side. There’s a lot more going on than even Jin knows and the future of the Earth is in his hands.

If you can get past the obscenely large boobs… no really, these things were HUGE. I mean “Blue Eyes” huge (if you don’t know what that is, then keep it that way). The only saving grace was that the women had the hips to match so they weren’t disgustingly thin with huge knockers but those things were too big. It was very distracting in a bad way.

But anyway, back to the review… if you can ignore the large (even a boob man would be put off by those things) breasts of most of the female characters and the transparent plot and the annoying characters (most of them)… if you can ignore all that and make it through all 25 episodes, then you’re about as dumb as I am.

I kept waiting for it to get good. I kept waiting for something to happen that would justify all the crap that came before. I’m still waiting. OMG! I want my life back. That isn’t fair. Even the fan-subbers were glad that it ended and I completely agree with the sentiment they left in the end credits — for once, I wish love had lost the battle.

The title of this anime should have been “Dragonaut: The Angst”. Everyone in the entire series had severe mental issues that they needed therapy for. The only one with justification was the main character, Jin… well Jin and the leader of the D-Project team — both of whom had lost loved ones in a horrific shuttle accident at the beginning of the series.

The whole mental break down of Kazuki (you took my dragon. I’ll kill you) was a complete waste of a plot device and animation cels. They could have axed his character and I wouldn’t have missed him in the least. Every time he appeared I was hoping something would kill him off. He always popped up at the stupidest times to enact his vendetta against Jin. It’s like, gee Kazuki, I’d love to fight with you right now but the Earth is about to be blown up. Maybe we should raincheck this fight for a later date… if we LIVE.

Or a better name would have been “Dragonaut: Finding Out Too Late”. That was a recurring theme throughout the ENTIRE series. Everyone finding out everything too late to actually do anything worth while about it. I can’t go too much into detail without giving away plot to people who may actually decide to watch this (WHY?!!).

The other issue this anime had was too many characters. Waaaaaay too many characters. And what’s worse, half way through the series, the writers decided to give them all backstories that I could have cared less about. I think it was meant to endear us to someone else besides the main characters.

The only thing I found that kept me coming back was the situation between Jin, Toa, and Gio. It looked like they were going to have a nice little threesome thing going. *sigh*

I don’t think I liked anything about this anime, which is saying a lot coming from me. The plot was predictable, the characters were annoying, and over half the battles were superfluous time-wasters. The coolest dragon design was Gio… barely. The stupidest dragon design is a tie between Amadeus and Widow (What the hell was Amadeus supposed to be because a dragon wasn’t it? Maybe a dog?).

If, after reading all of that, you still want to watch it, then have at it. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Movie/Anime Review: Ponyo


Basic Premise:
Ponyo is a curious little human-faced fish girl (you might even call her a mermaid) who wants to know about the world of humans. She meets Sosuke who is determined to take care of her even if taking her from her water world could mean the end of his.

Rated G to the umpteenth degree. This movie is uber family friendly and all the bright colors and constant movement will delight children of any age. I should know. I was in a movie theater full of kids and didn’t hear one peep out of them. Now the asshole teenagers that were sitting directly in front of me wouldn’t shut up.

Ponyo is more along the lines of My Neighbor Totoro than Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. I’m guessing Hayao Miyazaki wanted to do something a little less violent this time around. He succeeded beautifully.

This movie is totally cute and very sweet. No, really. That’s a warning to all you parents out there. If you took a chunk of fudge and a chunk of white chocolate, dipped them in honey, wrapped it in marshmallow, coated that in caramel and then smothered the whole thing in pure cane sugar, you still wouldn’t match the sweetness of this movie. I came out of that movie wanting to suck on some lemons just to take the edge off, or at least get some lemonade out of the experience.

So if you are looking for a huge pick-me-up, then this is your movie.

Where the Wild Things Are – We sat thru the first look and the preview. I think that’s about as much of that movie as I want to see.

Planet 51 – This looks too funny. I’m looking forward to it.

The Princess and the Frog – Soon. Very soon.

Astroboy – Still want to see it.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox – strong no.

Toy Story in 3-D – Not going to waste my money. I don’t know why Disney is on this 3-D kick all of a sudden.

Anime Review: Red Garden

Red Garden

# of Episodes:
22 + 1 OAV

Shoujo, Supernatural, Horror, Mystery

Yes, 4 trades.
Not currently licensed in US
Japanese and Chinese language only.
Adapted from TV series.

Basic Premise:
4 girls, strangers except for their connection with a mutual friend, have been sucked into a world of supernatural intrigue. There is only one catch — they are all dead. They’ve resurrected to battle. They have no choice but to fight and kill or they will die again… this time for good. Their lives are thrown into turmoil as they try to balance being formerly dead and teenagers.

Engaging. It really makes you care for the characters and their lives. Each character is dynamic and you’re able to relate to them. Interesting premise.

Now for the bad news. Red Garden commits my all time biggest pet peeve where anime is concerned — they don’t explain anything. There is an understanding that all anime viewers have come to with regards to the medium — you know you have to wait for the huge explanation that will shed light on everything. It’s just something you accept. I waited 22 episodes for a more in depth explanation of why the girls had to die, why there was a curse, and who exactly were the Animus and Dolore? None of it was explained.

Instead we get to see the main characters — Claire, Rachel, Rose, and Kate — go through the same un-life crisis over and over, episode after episode. While that helps to flesh out the characters and make the viewer care more for them, it does nothing for the plot. Some of the high school girl angst could have been cut so focus could go back to the real issue — a war being fought under the city’s nose.

And I’m still not sure why the characters felt the need to break out into song at odd intervals in the earlier episodes. The songs were nice and I wouldn’t mind hearing them again. It was just a little strange.

The OAV picks up where the series leaves off. I can’t say too much about it without giving away the ending of the series, but it was an interesting installment.

I’m glad I rented this little gem. If I had bought it based on the previews, I would have been very, very angry. As it is, I’m just sorry I wasted all that time.

Rental — something to pass the time if you want a little drama in your life and don’t care about plot.

Misc Ramblings #12 – Kanon Wakeshima #2

She got to do the end theme of season two as well.

Here it is. End theme of Vampire Knight Guilty, Suna no Oshiro (Castle of Sand) by Kanon Wakeshima

Like before, here’s the clip of the anime end theme

And the lyrics

sotto nagareru shiroi
kawaita kumo ga tooru
haiiro na watashi wa
tada chitte kieteiku no
hoshi wo atsumete tsukuru suna no oshiro ni
watashi no sasayaka na inori
koborete ochiru sono ashimoto wo machibusete nami ga semaru

kie kakaru inori kaze ni aorare nagara
soredemo tomori tsuzukete watashi ga ikudomo motsure nagara
kieyuku te deru tsukuru suna no oshiro wo machibusete nami ga semaru
aa anata e

Click here for the English translation

Misc Ramblings #9 – Kanon Wakeshima

Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima
The end theme of Vampire Knight

I have totally fallen in love with this song. It probably helps that I love the anime too (more on that when I’ve finished the manga and seen if the anime will continue). Just as a reference, Kanon-san really is playing that cello. 😀

Here’s the same vid with English subtitles.

Here’s a clip of the Vampire Knight ending and the full lyrics of the song (in Japanese).

Hi miss alice
Anata garasu no
Me de donna yume wo
Mirareru no?
Mirareru no?

Mada atashi
Kokoro ga sakete

Sukima ni sasaru

Hi miss alice
Anata ga jitsu no
Kuchi de dare ni ai wa
Nageteru no?
Nageteru no?

Mou atashi
Kotoba o tsumaku
Shita no netsu

Same kitte
Meteru outamo
Utae nai

Still, you do not answer

Anime Review: Itazura Na Kiss

This is a new type of review. I recently finished an anime I just had to gush about.

Itazura Na Kiss (Mischievous Kiss)

Length: 25 episodes
Genre: Shoujo, Drama, Romance
Age Group: Older Teen 16+

Basic Premise:
Kotoko Aihara loves Naoki Irie. She has loved him ever since she saw his commencement ceremony speech their freshman year of high school (10th grade). Junior year (11th grade) has rolled around and she’s decided to confess but Naoki shoots her down before she even gets out her request for him to read the letter. If that’s not bad enough, her brand new house where she lives with her father collapses. Her father decides to move them in temporarily with an old friend, who just happens to be Naoki Irie’s father.

Living under one roof should up her chances, but Kotoko is finding her chances are even worse than before. Maybe she should just give up… or should she?

This anime spans ten years, starting in their junior year.

First, I have to say there was a lot of forehead smacking and desk head-banging going on while I watched this anime. I was torn between feeling sorry for Kotoko and wanting to smack her. I couldn’t get over how dumb she was being over such an insensitive, unfeeling jerk. Then of course, irony set in since I recently wrote a book with a similar theme ;P.

Second, if you can make it to episode seven then you should have no problems watching the entire series.

Overall I loved this anime. I like to go back and watch my favorite parts. It wasn’t the normal shoujo fair where everything is roses as soon as the hero finds out that the heroine likes him and the only occasional thrones are from outside forces. Everything with this anime was internal and originated from either Kotoko or Naoki with only a few outside problems.

It felt like a real relationship. True, most people don’t read/watch fiction for real, but that was one of the endearing qualities to me. I loved that Naoki’s personality didn’t change that much even when he finally gives in to the relationship. He’s still an insensitive, unemotional jerk and that’s what made him fun.

My favorite character of the whole series is Naoki’s mother. That woman is a force to be reckoned with. She added just the right amount of humor to the whole anime. However, her somewhat unhealthy obsession with her son’s love life — and filming it at every opportunity, even if they are in the bedroom — was kind of creepy. Funny but creepy.

I can’t wait to buy the DVD collection once it’s licensed and released (I watch fansubs) and I’m seriously thinking about buying the manga (I have to go thru Amazon Japan since it hasn’t been licensed yet either).