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Around My Office: Exploring

The picture (taken with my iPhone) pretty much says it all…

I don’t put bumper stickers on my car. I put them on my walls. This is the one hanging across from my desk. I see it every time I get up and it pretty much describes my approach to writing exactly. πŸ˜€

Around My Office: Ninja Battles

Some of us remember the unfortunate ninja phase of the G.I. Joe universe. They even make fun of it in the comics and the show from time to time. Well, say hello to a remnant…

(Picture taken with my Kodak camera. Sorry for the glare.)

The only reason I have this is because I love Snake Eyes. He’s the only reason I pay any attention to G.I. Joe at all. But then I’m like that with certain things. I won’t read a Marvel title unless Storm is in it. I won’t watch/read G.I. Joe unless Snake Eyes is in it.

So, when I saw this Ninja Battles box set (opened once but I sealed it again), I decided to get it. The price was fair and I knew I was getting it for decorative purposes. It probably should have gone in storage when I moved out to Hawaii, but it made the trip so it’s sitting on one of my bookshelves now.

Around My Office: Dragons!

Okay so I totally blanked on last week’s Around My Office post. By the time I remembered it, it was Sunday. Oops. But I remembered this week. πŸ˜€

(Photo taken with my Kodak camera.)

I love dragons with a capital L. Love, love, love, LOVE! When Tod MacFarlane came out with his dragon series, I had to have them. Not all of them, mind you. I love dragons, but I do have taste. And some of the dragons in that series were ugly. Sorry, but they were. I skipped those.

These five are the ones I got. I have one other still in its box, but that’s for another post. The one in the middle with the long staff (which is broken by the way and being held together by superglue and the dragon’s hand) is my absolute favorite.

He was my first of the collection. He was the one that made me fall in love with the entire line. I had to have him and didn’t even acknowledge the others until after I got him. It’s the wings. πŸ˜›

While the dragons I created for my stories don’t look like these guys, I still love having them around for inspiration. The big guy in the middle is always peering over my shoulder from the bookshelf behind my desk and the other four sit in a cubby in the bookshelf in front of my desk.

While I do want others, the run is over. That means the only way to get them is from far off toy shops who still have them in inventory and e-auction people who have jacked up the price far beyond what it should be.

Around My Office: Justice League

(Photo taken with my iPhone.)

Oh look… another statue. Actually another three statues. πŸ˜›

These are DCU figures from the Justice League cartoon that aired on Cartoon Network back in 2001. Great show. Absolutely loved it. Any fan of DC or just Batman and Superman should totally watch this show. Don’t get hung up on the cartoons being for kids thing. This show is for all ages.

Anywho. This three statues are the lone survivors from the original seven figure series. I had all seven figures but… Batman, Hawkgirl, Lex Luther, and Martian Manhunter bit it when a speaker fell off the wall and crashed into them, knocking them off top of the TV. The whole set used to be in my living room.

Flash didn’t survive the move from MD to HI. The stupid movers just tossed him a box, no wrapping, nothing. He snapped in half. I’m still pissed about that.

Wonder Woman, Superman and Green Lantern are still standing. It’s like a Justice League comic issue or something. They sit on my mid-office bookshelf awaiting the day when I reunite them with the rest of the set. I do plan to get the others again (resurrecting them just like the comics do) but I haven’t done it yet.

Around My Office: Treadmill

(Picture taken with my Kodak camera.)

This is my Weslo Cadence G-40 treadmill (got it from Wally World back in April 2011). Yup, it’s in my office, not four feet from the edge of my desk. Every time I look out the window (above it), I can’t help but look at it.

I decided to get a treadmill after I quit my day job to become a full time writer. This career isn’t much for the get-up-and-go. It’s more of a sit-down-and-stay. Knowing that, I figured a treadmill would help supplement the exercise I’m missing by no longer doing my day job.

But exercise is one of those have-to-do not want-to-do sort of things, so I found every excuse in the book not to use it. That’s all changed though. I use it regularly now so I can write.

For writing?

Yes, for writing. And no I don’t write while I’m using the treadmill. I tried that. It slowed down my typing speed which ticked me off. My fingers already go slower than my brain. Making that worse is just a recipe for bad. No, I play Phase10 and Uno on my Kindle while walking.

So why for writing?

In the words of Reese Witherspoon when she starred as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.”

And it’s true. I haven’t shot my husband and the endorphins put me in a happy mood, which means my muse gives me lots of lovely material for the creation of my books. When I don’t walk, I’m sluggish and listless and don’t feel much like writing. After I walk, I’m having ideas a mile a minute.

When I made that connection, my treadmill usage skyrocketed. It became a have-to-do, need-to-do, want-to-do part of my life. I love my books. I want them all finished so people can enjoy them. If that means cranking up the treadmill and walking 3-4 miles everyday then so be it.

I’ve added a new motto to my list:
“I exercise for the endorphins. The weight loss is just a nice side effect.”

Around My Office: Thai Dancer

Note: Picture taken (3 times) with my Kodak camera.

This is my Thai dancing doll that I got from the lovely PJ Schynder after Stephanie Burke and I had a sleepover at her place on the way to PhilCon in 2010. Just a note, that is ONE doll from three different angles. I wanted to give the full effect and you can’t get that from just one view.

I had a great, GREAT time at PJ’s house. I got to meet her beautiful dogs — Chelsea (Sheltie) and Kaiser (German Shepherd) as well as eating lots of her yummy cooking. Kaiser is actually starring in a shifter book I have planned for Changeling Press. He made an appearance in ON A WHIM, but he will be getting his own book in the Guardian’s Tales too.

But back to the above statue. PJ has several statues of Thai dancers in traditional outfits. She got permission from her mommy to give one to me and one to Flash, so PJ let us choose. I chose the lady in red.

I love the way she’s standing. It’s very poised and meditative. I can stare at this statue for a while and just feel peaceful and focused. It also gives me a feeling of discipline. It takes a lot of training to pull off that pose correctly. It reminds me it’s simplest-looking things that take the most work.

Around My Office: Black Panther

Just to let you all know, I have a lot of statues around my office. So these Saturday posts are going to be full of those for a while. I might put something else up eventually. For now… statues.

Note: Picture taken with my Kodak camera.

This is my baby… well one of them. I have had him for a VERY long time. I… liberated him from my daddy. Actually, I begged and begged and daddy finally gave in and let me have him. Daddy then turned around and went back to the store (JCPenney? Or was it Dillard’s?) and got another along with a white version.

I’m pretty sure the store doesn’t sell these statues anymore, probably because the artist stopped having them made. But I’ve got mine, so I’m happy.

I’m not sure what to say about him. I’m a cat person. And black is my favorite color. So of course, I adore black cats. Since the ultimate black cat is a black panther, you can tell why I love that statue.

He is top center on my bookshelf that sits behind my desk. I like having him there since the shelf is up against a wall. No accidental bumping to knock him over.

I love looking at him. He’s strong, sleek and on the prowl. Lots of inspiration in that statue when I do shifter stories.

Around My Office: Illidan Stormrage

Any fan of World of Warcraft (WoW) knows EXACTLY who Illidan Stormrage is.

Note: Picture taken with my Kodak camera.

That’s him. And yes, he is still in his original box. I have never opened it, and I never ever plan to take him out. It’s partially the collector in me, partially because he’s easier to move in his box, and partially because I want him to stay “new” for as long as possible. Oh and he’s much easier to keep clean in his box.

I have loved Illidan Stormrage from the first moment I saw him. I have never played WoW (I leave that to my hubby), but I love a lot of the character designs. I want a Deathwing figure next.

In fact, Illidan inspired the bhresya of SERENITY. Up until I saw Illidan (and the movie 300) I had a rough idea of how the bhresya looked but nothing concrete that I could describe. Illidan helped with that, but internet pictures weren’t enough. I had to have the figure too.

He’s still an inspiration since he’s basically the model for Chigaru… except Chigaru is burnt orange and his horns curve forward in front of his face instead of back over his head like Illidan. Oh and all bhresya have feet, not hooves. πŸ˜›

Around My Office: Beanbag Cat

I figured out what to put on Saturdays — stuff from around my office. I have a home office and it’s full of the most random stuff that is either here to help me write or distract me, depending on my mood.

The first thing is my beanbag chair and my kitty.

Forgive the quality of the pictures. The bottom close-up was taken with my iPhone and the top one was with my Kodak camera.

Anywho. This is my beanbag chair. Very comfy. That is my itty bitty grey kitty, Sputnik (she’s a Russian Blue mix) lying in my beanbag chair. Sputnik is my office kitty. I have two cats and the second one isn’t allowed in my office since she always gets into stuff and causes a distraction. Not good for when I’m trying to write. Besides, Misha likes my hubby better than me.

Sputnik loves the beanbag chair. She will sit and bitch up a storm if it doesn’t have the perfect dip for her to laze in. In which case, I have to stop what I’m doing and create it for her then place her in it.

When the beanbag has the perfect dip, she runs and hops into it, looking amazingly pleased with herself. I wish I could catch that on video and post it here, but she’s quick about it. I find it funny that she likes the beanbag so much since she wouldn’t go near it at first. Now she complains when I move her so I can sit on it.