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Q&A: Marvel or DC?

If we’re talking live action movies, based on the current offerings of this summer, I’m all about Marvel. AVENGERS, baby, yeah!

If we’re talking animated feature length movies, I’m all about DC. I still can’t understand how they can do such wonderful animated movies and such sub-par live action films (the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy aside since that rocked).

For animated TV shows, they are tied.

This is one of the longest running comic book debates. It’s like Star Wars vs Star Trek.

6 years ago, I dumped Marvel HARD. They betrayed my comic book trust and I couldn’t read any of their books anymore without feeling pissed off. Then a few days ago, they earned it back… maybe. Refer to the latest Avengers vs X-Men Issue #9 to find out why.

Now if this sticks (please please please please PLEASE!), I will be firmly back in Marvel’s corner and praising them as comic book giants amongst comics. I mean, they have gotten better since they teamed up with the mouse.

But that’s me. What about you? Marvel or DC? Or are you totally off the two-party system and loving Dark Horse and/or Image?

Q&A: Dragons or Unicorns?

Today’s Q&A is between dragons and unicorns. Both are mythological beasts that have been worshiped by humans at one time or another. Both signify power and wisdom. Whereas dragons usually symbolize strength, unicorns symbolize innocence.

Of the two, I’m a dragon girl all the way. I have several dragon stories up my writing sleeves that are chomping at the bit to be written. My unicorn story is kind of languishing in a field somewhere, patiently waiting for me to figure out the plot and get around to it.

Like vampire movies, I’ll watch anything with a dragon in it. I might regret it, but I’ll watch it. I totally love dragons. What about you? Dragons? Or Unicorns?

Q&A: Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan?

That’s right. Today’s Q&A is all about BATMAN. The latest movie came out today and I want to know what you think of the two sets of Batman movies.

We have the BATMAN (1989) and BATMAN RETURNS (1992) directed by Tim Burton versus the trilogy of BATMAN BEGINS (2005), THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012) directed by Christopher Nolan.

There are pros and cons for each. While Michael Keaton made an amazing Bruce Wayne and gave us the iconic “I’m Batman” line that people love to parody when talking about Batman, Christian Bale is doing a pretty decent job too… so long as you ignore that scratchy voice he uses for Batman.

Jack Nicholson portrayed the Joker as a loveable sociopath but Heath Ledger turned the Joker into a comedic homicidal maniac.

I can’t compare Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman to Anne Hathaway’s yet since I haven’t seen the latest movie. And since Burton didn’t direct that travesty where Bane appeared, I won’t even bring that up.

I guess I can’t really decide until after I see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, but what about you? Who do you choose in the Battle of the Batman movies — Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan?

Q&A: Superstitious?

It’s FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! Yeah buddy. One of my favorite times of the year because I love to laugh at superstition… just not that loudly in case it comes and smacks me in the face.

But really. I own a black cat. I have no issue with the number 13. And superstition is all the mind of the beholder. If I was Japanese, I would have issues with the number 4 instead of 13.

So how about you? Are you superstitious?

Q&A: Favorite Disney Animated Movie?

I’m making the distinction of ANIMATED so someone doesn’t pop off with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or something like that. I love animation and that’s what this question is all about.


So far as I’m concerned, nothing in Disney’s past and (at the rate they’re going) nothing in Disney’s future will ever surpass Beauty and the Beast for me. It’s my absolute favorite fairy tale. My romance novels fall into that theme more often than not. And I loved all the songs from the Disney feature.

What’s your favorite Disney animated feature film?

Sidenote: I was kind of peeved when Beast changed human. And I still laugh at the fact that they forgot to name him. ๐Ÿ˜›

Q&A: Kindle or Nook?

Okay, to start this off, this is NOT a quest for suggestions. I know what I’m getting. I’m just wondering why everyone got the one they got?

Back when I first started buying ebooks, I bought Mobipocket PRCs. Amazon bought out Mobipocket, took over their format, and then shut them down. Now the only reader that’ll read PRC is the Kindle. Since the majority of my library is PRC, I will be getting a Kindle (don’t have one yet).

I was originally leaning toward just getting an iPad so I wouldn’t be limited by one reader and it’s format over another. However, the Kindle is cheaper than an iPad. And the Kindle Fire does a lot of what the iPad does.

What about you? Kindle? Nook? Kobo? Or something else entirely?

Q&A: Next Romance Trend?

I have a very simple belief that I think has very substantial evidence. The popular Romance sub-genre trend directly coincides with what’s popular in movies and TV at the moment. Being able to predict Romance trends is like playing the stock market. If you can do it and supply that demand, then you’ll always be a top seller.

Now I’m not doing this to be a top seller since the next trend I’m predicting isn’t one I write in, but I wanted to throw this out there now and see if it’s true down the line.

So my prediction of the next Romance trend is Westerns/Cowboy.

It can be historical or not. I’m basing this on the most recent shows to start that seem to be doing really well: Longmire, Hatfields & McCoys (mini-series), and DALLAS.

What do you think? Westerns/Cowboy or something else? And why?

Q&A: Anyone Paying Attention?

I’m not getting very many answers on these things. I thought this would be a little more interactive. I see lots of page views but no comments.

Anyone out there?

Q&A: Juice or Soda?

I’m a juice person. I’ll drink the occasional soda, but I don’t drink nearly as much as I did as kid. I prefer juice but will drink Sprite (or the equivalent) when I’m out at a restaurant because they don’t usually serve juice, which is a shame.

I’m the same way with my mixed drinks. I prefer alcohol mixed with juice than soda. Cranberry and Vodka is the way to go. ๐Ÿ˜€

Juice or Soda?

Q&A: Boxers or Briefs?

Personally I think guys look better in boxer-briefs. I just like the way they fit and look. The person who invented them needs to get a raise if he didn’t already.

Boxers or Briefs?

Q&A: Mozart or Beethoven?

I like them both, but if I could only listen to one, I’m totally going for Beethoven. His 5th Symphony, I love. And I grew up with Fantasia, so of course I was exposed to the Pastoral Symphony — one of my favorite sketches from Fantasia, by the way.

Then there’s his 9th Symphony… and you know what? It’s really hard to choose which ones I like the most. I love all his work.

Your choice is between Beethoven and Mozart, who do you pick?

Q&A: Favorite Pizza Topping?

I’ll eat pretty much anything if you put it on a pizza. Pizza just makes everything delicious… okay well almost everything. My all time favorite pizza topping is BACON!

No, not Canadian bacon. I mean BACON. Crispy, sizzling, oh-so-yummy BACON. When creating my own pizza, my first choice is always bacon. When I found out you could put bacon on a pizza, I ditched pepperoni with the quickness.

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Q&A: Superman or Batman?

I always pick Batman. Well, post Dark Knight Batman. The Bam-Pow Batman of Pre-Dark Knight is one I don’t acknowledge. ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s not because I think Superman is a boyscout. I have no issues with Superman. He’s cliche because he’s the archetype we used to create superheroes. Therefore he’s not cliche, he’s the original. BUT Batman is dark and brooding. He’s a dark hero bad boy that just needs love. I’m totally in his corner.

What about you? Superman or Batman?

Q&A: Who’s Your Favorite Vampire?

There are so many vampires out there. I could say the ones I created are my favorites, but they aren’t. No where close. I would have to say my favorite vampire of all time is Gary Oldman’s Dracula. Gerard Butler was fun in Dracula 2000 but Gary Oldman was the MAN in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Now if we’re including half-vampires, my favorite of ALL TIME will always and forever be — Vampire Hunter D.

VHD (1985)

VHD: Bloodlust (2000)

Books, TV, movies, anime, comics — Who is your favorite vampire?

Q & A: What’s Your Favorite Spot?

I would have to say my favorite spot is my office. I’m surrounded by my favorite books — both manga and romances alike. My treadmill is visible as a reminder that I should use it. I do try to use it regularly and not as a coat rack. My laptops (yes plural) are close at hand for writing and/or interneting as the mood strikes me. There’s no TV, but with everything streaming nowadays there doesn’t need to be.

More often than not, you can find me tucked away in my office with my butt planted on my computer chair and possibly a little grey kitty sleeping on her designated blanket a few feet away.

What’s your favorite spot?