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TV Movie Review: Firebreather


Basic Premise:
Duncan is a typical teenager of a single parent household just trying to maintain and get by. That becomes so much harder when his old man stops by for a visit, because his father is Belloc king of the kaijuu. The arrival of Belloc means Duncan suddenly has bigger issues than hiding the fact that his father is a sixty-foot demon. Now he has to fight for his life and those of his friends.

I actually watched this two times. I’m glad that I did. The first time I missed the two-minute opener that pretty much explains the origins of Duncan and the strife between the kaijuu and the humans. That opener (even though it is short) is very important and saves on a lot of confusion.

But, even with the opener, there are still some points of confusion until the writers reveal all of the players. I thought it was just me but the hubby and his sister reported similar issues with the storyline.

Beyond that, this was a great movie. I love the art and the characters. It made me want to read the comics (even if the art looks nothing like the movie). Unfortunately, volume one is out of print (I’m sure that’ll change soon) and none of them are available electronically (hoping that will change but I doubt it). I just want to read them, not own them. I might check the library.

I do want to own the DVD of this movie. I’m hoping Image/Cartoon Network will put it out.

For the parents, there is gun violence (and other military weaponry) along with rampaging monsters trying to kill people (as much as they can on a prime time Cartoon Network movie). And there is lots of fire being thrown around.

This movie will more than likely appeal to people who like Ben 10 and TMNT (current version).

TV Review: Satisfaction Season One


Basic Premise:
Australian Showtime Presents a legal brothel, it’s employees and the their trials and tribulations with work, social lives, families, and everything in between.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this show, but Netflix recommended it since I liked Dead Like Me and Torchwood. Go fig. For once the silly recommendation system actually works. Unlike those times back in the days when Blockbuster tried it and the system suggested I should watch Barney because I like He-Man and Friday The 13th. Then again, I can sort of see the connection. 😛

If prostitution was federally legal in the United States, I hope it would look a little like 232 — that’s the name of the club. I imagine 232 is the way the brothels in Nevada are run — health screenings, John checks, and whatever the girls need to get the job done.

Of course, the job isn’t everything and no TV drama would be complete without family and close friends screwing up a good thing. Satisfaction definitely delivers on that score too. Do you hide it from your family or tell them the truth? Is your boyfriend okay with it or is he faking that he’s okay? Did you just fall in love with a client? The list goes on and on.

Every possible issue is thrown at these women in a spectacular combination of drama and sex. Most enjoyable. In fact, I did the entire first season in one sitting. I only wish Showtime USA offered such this program.

It also seems to be a popular premise since there’s a British show named Hotel Babylon that sounds very, very close to Satisfaction. Remake? Rip-off? Who got there first? Just remember, release dates don’t tell you which writers got to it first.

My favorite characters were Heather and Lauren. I almost liked Chloe the best but she went all goat-weird and whiny mid-season. I don’t think I could ever like Mel and Tippy’s name just gets on my nerves. Natalie’s role (minus the rubber) is probably where I would be in this situation. I liked her business side and how she got things done and made things work.

I guess, if you’re like me and you enjoyed Dead Like Me and Torchwood, you’ll more than likely enjoy this foray into the life of a sex worker. I’m already digging into season two.

TV Review: Turtles Forever

Turtles Forever

Basic Premise:
The TMNT turtles have to face their biggest challenge yet… themselves. Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael have come face to face with alternate versions of themselves that were tossed across dimensional space. Those alternate versions have re-awakened Shredder who has decided to do away with all turtles of all dimensions. It’s up to the turtles to band together and put an end to Shredder before he ends the turtles for good.


Any turtles fan will absolutely LOVE this cartoon. The premise is not to be missed. The 2003 turtles meet up with the 80’s turtles. I couldn’t believe how silly the 80’s turtles were, especially compared to the current incarnations.

My favorite part was how the 80’s turtles kept breaking the 4th wall. The 2003 turtles had no clue what was going on and why the 80’s turtles were talking to no one (ie – the home audience). It made for a great running gag.

This is definitely one of those cartoons parents won’t mind watching with their kids simply because the parents probably used to watch the original turtles cartoon.

I’m definitely buying this on DVD.

TV Review: Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss

Corporate meet peons. The owners of some of America’s most visible and largest corporations are trading in suits for the standard uniform of their company at an entry level position. They are telling everyone that they are being filmed for a documentary when in fact they are documenting changes to be made (as well as entertaining viewers at home). Each head honcho is about to have an eye opener about how his/her company works.

I’ve seen all the episodes thus far — Waste Management, Hooters, 7-Eleven, and White Castle. And while I said “his/her” company in the show description, there have been no female company heads thus far. I know they exist and hopefully their episodes are around the corner. I’d hate to think they wouldn’t participate in something like this. Or, maybe they don’t screw up the entry level positions nearly as badly as the men, which doesn’t make for entertaining television so those eps got scrapped. Who knows.

I love the idea. Love, love, love it. This is a premise that could only happen now, in this economy. I’m sure if it had been pitched even three years ago, it would have never seen the light of day. The idea that the owner/top exec is trading his normal lifestyle to see how the other half lives is wonderful.

The episodes thus far have been both funny and tear-jerking and enlightening as to how out of touch corporate really is with the ground level of their companies. What looks good on paper may not always work in practice. As a retail wage-slave, I know that better than anyone (day job). Corporate suits always come up with new, “better” ideas that will make production better when all they are doing is making their employees lives harder (I could tell you horror stories). Putting the bosses in a position to see that is a wondrous thing.

Now that I’ve said all of that, I have some negatives about this show. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching it and I love to see what comes next but I have serious issues with certain aspects:

1 – The boss only spends one week doing one position a day. Count it. ONE. While I’m sure running the company is an involved business and takes a lot of time and concentration and only a handful of people have the training and know-how to pull it off. Taking a week off probably isn’t easy and I’ll acknowledge that so long as everyone else will acknowledge that it takes longer than one day to learn any job and do it properly or to get a feel for the people who work in that particular location.

What happens if the boss gets there on a good day? What happens if it’s a bad day? I can say from experience that any boss would run screaming into the night if confronted with a bad day at my day job. On the flip side, if they came on a good day, they would think it’s a tight ship and go on to the next locale not realizing that the good day is simply an anomaly.

Ideally, I’d like to see the highlights from the boss doing two, possibly three, days at one location doing one job and THEN switch to a new location and a new job for another two to three days. Sure that leaves him (or her) open to discovery but they would get a better picture of the job since they may actually run across a “bad” day.

2 – I am very happy for the people who worked with the boss and I’m sure most of them (not the ones that got chewed out, obviously) are extremely happy to have worked with the boss since it got them vacations and scholarships and job opportunities they would have NEVER gotten if left to do their normal job day in and day out.

I wish the head of my day job would come work with me. Maybe he could help me get book sales after learning I’m a writer. I don’t begrudge the people who got what they got because they deserved to get it, BUT there are just as many people all over the US in those businesses who need/want it as well. If I was an employee of 7-Eleven or White Castle or Hooters (lord help me, I hope to never need to work with food… I’d probably stop eating and I love food), I’d be all types of pissed that employee A through D on the show got something I need just as badly. There are many people who need help with finances or a nice vacation with their family or a chance to work with the ad department/culinary department.

It’s a toss up who the boss will end up working with but it’s guaranteed (unless they are one of the ones who need to be “reprimanded”) that they will get something out of it.

3 – I’m convinced the entire first season has already been filmed. I’m also convinced that this show only has one season in it. There is no future. It’s like trying to find an impartial jury for the OJ Simpson trial (yes, I went there). You can bet that if someone sees an entry level employee walk through the door with a camera crew, that someone will be on the web doing a search for a picture of the boss-over-all. And that same someone would blab. No doubt in my mind.

The only way to do a season two would have to be with an FBI/CIA/NSA (pick one) hidden camera with sound type of thing. Sure the picture wouldn’t be as great and the camera might get knocked but that’s the only the way I can see it happening.

It’ll be interesting to see what companies will come next and I’ll be pleasantly surprised if this show actually does get a second season.

TV Review: Torchwood – Children of Earth

Torchwood: Children of Earth
(Season 3/5-ep Mini-Series)

Basic Premise:
Captain Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, and Gwen Cooper — the team of Torchwood — are called upon once more to save the world from an alien threat. This time the threat is coming through our children (hence the title).

OH MY FRIGGIN’ GOD!! This has got to be the best Torchwood episode/season EVER! I was appalled. I was shocked. I laughed. I cried. I was mad as hell. And I loved every single minute. I would watch it again. I will watch it again. I loved it so much I bought it twice (once through iTunes and again as a pre-order since the DVD comes out Tuesday).

This is the ultimate human nature “movie”. Every episode left me wanting more and wanting to know why. The Torchwood crew (writers, directors, actors, et al) didn’t disappoint. There’s no way to talk about this mini-series (for the purposes of this review) in a coherent manner without giving away something.

If you are a fan of Torchwood, you will absolutely love this season. If you have never watched Torchwood then you should just so you can watch this season. But first watch Doctor Who (2005) since Torchwood spawned from that… though you could watch it without having seen Doctor Who. It makes more sense if you watch Doctor Who first. Besides, that show is just awesome all on its own (love David Tennant).

I absolutely hope and pray the powers that be decide to do another “season” of Torchwood even if it is another mini-series.