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TRS – Foxy: Once Was Lost

4 Hearts for Foxy: Once Was Lost at The Romance Studio!

“This is a fast-paced story that kept me stuck to my chair… The love scenes between them are melting hot.”
~ Janie Esparza

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TRS – Taking It Back

3 Hearts for Taking It Back at The Romance Studio!

“This is a fast-paced story that is filled with action and a lot of sexual encounters between Nami and Kosuke… The love scenes between them are very hot.”
~ Janie Esparza

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Two Lips Reviews – On A Whim

4 Lips from Tangie at Two Lips Reviews for Guardian’s Tales 1: On A Whim!

“I enjoyed this short story by Ms. Renquist. I thought the story line was unique… I thought this was well written quick read and I look forward to the next installment in the series.”

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You Gotta Read Reviews – Taking It Back

3.5 Stars from You Gotta Read Reviews for Taking It Back

“…a very sexy story about two finding their soul mates. The story was fun to read and I would have liked to keep reading. Loved the Japanese influences in the book, the tentacle action was very hot. And were very well written, it was like reading naughty manga.”
~ Rasia

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LASR – Taking It Back

4 Stars for Taking It Back at Long and Short Reviews!

“…a highly kinky read that delivers what erotic romance readers look for with extra spice… Despite the short length of this story, the author managed to fit everything that was important to make this a book worth reading. It’s fun, surprising and has some emotional depth to tie it all together.”
~ Xeranthemum

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YGRR – CE5: Forgotten Lover

4 Stars (You Need to Read) for Caveat Emptor 5: Forgotten Lover at You Gotta Read Reviews!

“I’m very curious about what will happen next to the reunited lovers, as once again Ms. Renquist has left us at a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read how the story will continue.”
~ Rasia

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YGRR – Love Reversed

4 Stars (You Need to Read) for Love Reversed at You Gotta Read Reviews!

“A funny read, it has a great storyline and amusing characters. Right from the beginning you’re thrown into action… I enjoyed reading it and would recommend this book to those who love a love story mixed with suspense and a little black magic. As for me I look forward to reading more from this author.”
~ Rasia

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FAR Review – Chamomile Nights

Pam S. over at Fallen Angel Reviews read the four books of the Café Midnight multi-author series and gave the whole series 3 Angels:

Chamomile Nights by Zenobia Renquist
“After reading this story, I have a new respect for tea and the herbal effects they have on the body. This is a nice, short read story with a common topic – stress relief, which people deal with every day.”
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Americano Misto by Cynthia Sax
“If coffee flavors came with different sexual fantasies, I think I would be too tempted to try them all. The sex scenes in this story are very hot and steamy, like a cup of java.”
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Kopi Luwak by Stephanie Burke
“The sexual encounters are hot and steamy. I don’t drink coffee because it puts me to sleep, but I may need to try a good cup of Joe, just for the experience.”
Full Review

Grande by Cynthia Sax
“The sexual scenes are very graphic in nature and the characters are insatiable. So grab your favorite cup of coffee and let your imagination run wild…”
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And don’t think for a minute this series is over. There are more stories brewing for this sexy coffee shop.

Romance Junkies Review: Stripping Christmas

Here’s the first review for White Hot Christmas: Stripping Christmas from Romance Junkies Reviews and it’s fantastic!!

5 Blue Ribbons!

“Zenobia Requist has forever blown my image of Mrs. Claus as a cherubic grandmother figure. I now envision her wearing a bustier and stilettos, cursing a blue streak and tempting Santa into doing much more than worrying about checking his lists twice… STRIPPING CHRISTMAS is one that is sure to have people talking. I know I’ve mentioned it several times in discussions I’ve had since I read this story and even now just thinking about it makes me smile.”
~ Chrissy Dionne

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Release Date & New Review

First things first…

STRIPPING CHRISTMAS my contribution to the Changeling Press White Hot Christmas Multi-Author Series comes out 03 December 2011. You’ll want to remember that date if you plan to find out what happens when Santa marries a stripper by mistake.

Stay tuned to my site or my page at Changeling Press for more details.

And in review news, CHAMOMILE NIGHTS got an overall rating of 4 from Naughty Edition Reviews.

You Gotta Read Reviews – CE3: Provoked Lover

Here’s the first review for Caveat Emptor 3: Provoked Lover

You Want to Read (3 Stars)

“The author was very good at character development. It had you rooting for the characters in the end. She also created a great background that it made you feel as if you were there in the story.”
~ Jodie Pierce

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The Romance Review: Charmed Lover

I’m at Authors After Dark in Philly at the moment. I checked my email and I got a fun surprise from The Romance Review:

4 Stars!

“…I could not put it down… I love the romance between Ryver and Theron and is the main reason why I loved the book (and of course the smoking hot sex)… Really enjoyed it!!!”
~ Mia

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Got Erotic Romance: CE2: Trapped Lover

5 Diamonds!

“This author is such a tease… Great characters and they grow stronger with each book.”
~ Starla Kaye

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IMRR (Interracial Multicultural Romance Readers) gives ERIS 5 out of 5 stars.

“…a perfectly plotted, deliciously complex story that delves deeply into how far a person will go for forgiveness, reconciliation and above all, love. Ms. Bagby smoothly melds together the past with the present while slickly adding in an element of mythology in such a way that’s guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats flipping pages.”
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Whipped Cream Reviews: Charmed Lover

Whipped Cream Reviews has weighed in beautifully on Charmed Lover. This is the most in-depth review about the psychology of my characters that I’ve ever gotten. Very interesting reading. I even got some enlightenment. 😀

4 Cherries!

“An amuse-bouche to stimulate the appetite, giving you just enough to make you want much more… a fast paced and fun read, with enough intrigue to have you coming back for more.”
~ Buttercup, Read Full Review

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