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Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday – 04 December

Welcome, Six Sentence Sunday Folks!

I’m contributing six sentences from my erotic interracial contemporary, menage (m/m/f) with Changeling Press:

Harley on the Rocks


“So, we were talking about stuff and nonsense.” She needed to keep her side of the conversation innocent sounding.

“Stuff and nonsense, huh?” Koi asked. “I seem to remember Davis and me stuffing your nonsense quite a few times Saturday. I figured we should do it again.”

Heat flushed her body at the memory his words invoked.


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Six Sentence Sunday – 01 May

This is my sixth installment in the 6 Sentence Sunday. Fitting that this most auspicious anniversary be celebrated with six sentences from the title that placed as a Paranormal finalist in the 2010 National Readers’ Choice Awards hosted by the Oklahoma Romance Writers.

Eris by D. Renee Bagby (Eternal Truths, Book 1):

Eris said in a firm voice, “We’ve already been through this, Ranulf. I refuse to jeopardize your friendship with Lucien, and nothing either of you says will convince me a relationship with one of you wouldn’t do just that.”
“Why does it have to be with one of us?”
“What does that mean?”
“You could be with both of us.”
She had no doubt he meant his words in all seriousness.


Two more excerpts are available on the Siren-Bookstrand site. And, you can visit my promo blog to read the entire first chapter as well.

Six Sentence Sunday – 17 April

I’m on post five of the Six Sentence Sunday.

I give you a snippet of my latest release from Changeling Press…

Charmed Lover by Zenobia Renquist (Caveat Emptor, Book 1):

Theron said, “I like seeing you sated, Ryver. You should be sated daily. I wholeheartedly volunteer for that task.” He kissed her breasts one at a time. “Alas, I cannot do so at this moment. My time is at an end.”
He laid a final kiss on her lips before he stood and left the room.

Six Sentence Sunday – 10 April

Looks like I’m on a roll. Here’s installment number four of the Six Sentence Sunday.

Harley on the Rocks by Zenobia Renquist:

“Please.” Harley was begging and didn’t care. She was going to explode.
“Wait for it,” Davis said in a raspy voice.
Harley didn’t know what “it” was but she was sick of waiting. She clenched all of her lower muscles, squeezing the men for all she was worth. It paid off.

Six Sentence Sunday – 03 April

This is my third installment of the Six Sentence Sunday. Time to mix things up and bring my alter-ego into the fray and fun.

Here’s Rite Men for Maya by Zenobia Renquist:

Embarrassment, suffocating and hot, overruled all other emotions. Maya struggled to get out from between Kessen and Tam but they were still connected.
The men removed themselves, and she pushed away from them.
“Maya, what’s wrong?” Kessen moved closer and reached for her.
She jerked back. “Don’t touch me.” She looked back at her parents and shook her head.

Six Sentence Sunday – 27 March

Time for my second installment of the Six Sentence Sunday. Fitting that it should come from my second release — Serenity by D. Renee Bagby:

She said, “Chigaru only just informed me you are one of the best at this game, Your Majesty. I will prepare myself to lose with grace.”
“You are quite fast,” Melchior said.
“Not as fast as my brother Prince Alric. Should he visit, I think you two should play…if that will not inconvenience you.”
“I would make time for the match.”

Six Sentence Sunday – 20 March

I didn’t find out about this in time to be part of the official list, but I still want to do it. So…

Welcome to my first installment of the Six Sentence Sunday.

Here’s six sentences from my debut novel — Adrienne by D. Renee Bagby:

“The room directly below the royal chambers, Majesty, Queen Adrienne. There is an access staircase in King Malik’s chambers—er, your chambers—so the women can come and go without having to trek all over the palace.”
“Ah.” Adrienne nodded and sat back. “The door to the staircase wouldn’t happen to be hidden behind a tapestry of dancing women, would it, Keeper?”
“That would be the very one, Queen Adrienne,” the Keeper said.