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Topic: No More…?

Some of you may have noticed I’ve missed a few new release announcements. You could call it missing them. You could also call it skipping them. I’ve also missed a few Wednesday Hauls and a LOT of manga reviews. I have not however missed any movie reviews. I love to gab about movies and my blog is the perfect forum.

I’m the type of personality who will take on more and more until I can’t handle it all unless I sacrifice something else. Lately that sacrifice has been my time towards writing. It seems every time I get on my computer, I’m updating or revamping or checking something and not writing. That is one of the reasons I want a mini without an internet connection. Then I can totally focus on writing without “shiny” things on my laptop distracting me.

So, I’ve decided to sacrifice something else a lot more expendable than my writing. This blog will no longer host new release announcements. I love my publishers and want to support them, which is why I’ll still forward the new release announcements to my yahoo groups (and some friends’ yahoo groups so long as they let me). But I’ll no longer take that extra ten to fifteen minutes to post them on my blog. While that does seem like a small amount of time, it is just enough time to break my train of thought and yank me out of a book.

Wednesday Haul is changing because I no longer get manga at my comic shop. Something is up with Diamond Distribution where they are not shipping out manga to the comic shops and I fell waaaaaaay behind (that was the dead air all those weeks). So, I’ve started pre-ordering my manga fix from BAMM. I get the benefit of the member discount without paying for it because I’m military (AAFES site referral).

I also have a very shiny (extremely… I’ve been very tempted) new cataloging system that even comes with a UPC scanner, which will make it fast, that has been begging me to use it. I’ve been very good and sacrificed doing that until now. My book and manga collection has grown to such a point that I really need to have some sort of catalog so I know what I have (and can buy more without worry of repeats :P). Also handy for insurance purposes.

Once I input my collection into the system, I’ll then upload said catalog to my site and update it once a month or something. That means no more having Wednesday Haul posts. Actually I’m only canning those posts because I have a big bag of manga (catching up on all that I missed) that I got and haven’t wanted to input. Yup, color me lazy.

Finally the author interviews. I have interviews scheduled through mid-November. I’m hoping to fill up the slots through the end of the year. After that, I think I’ll stop. I’ve got a good bunch and they are fun to read, but having to send out reminders and do follow-ups on missing information, et al is too time-consuming.

As well, the interviews were supposed to be a promotional method to get more people to my blog and to my website since the interviewee would link to my blog and send their followers my way. I’m not sure if it helped or not.

This all amounts to time and how I use it. I admit I don’t manage time well, but that’s because something always pops up (my husband for instance — man needs a hobby). I write stuff down and plan stuff out and stuff still comes out of nowhere like mushrooms at night. So it’s time to start cutting back on the superfluous.

Not to mention, it’s going in to summer and that means movies practically every week and conventions every month. Movies means review posts and conventions means preparing promo and lots of traveling. Most of my time-sink activities get started in winter because I have more free time. Well, it’s time to end them.

Wednesday Haul #31

Wednesday Haul #31 – April 1st & 8th, 2009

You know, I’m kind of happy I skipped posting this last week just because someone might have thought I was pranking since it’s been so many weeks with no haul at all (and it got depressing writing the non-haul posts). But, it’s no prank. I got stuff. 😀

** April 1st **

Manhattan Love Story (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Hey, Class President #1 (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Our Kingdom #6 (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Cut (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)

** April 8th **
You Will Drown In Love (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Junjo Romantica #9 (yaoi, drama/comedy, romance – Mature 18+)
Phantom Dreams #2 (shoujo, drama, romance – OT 16+)
Vampire Knight #6 (shoujo, paranormal, romance – OT 16+)

Not as much as I want but more than I had, which is always a good thing.

Wednesday Haul #30

Wednesday Haul #30 – 11 March 2009

It’s been soooo long. And after this long wait I got…

Beyond Scandalous Seiryo University

That’s it. I think Diamond Distribution might be having issues with manga. I may have to return to getting my manga fixes from the bookstore again.

Wednesday Non-Haul #2




In case the all caps didn’t make it that clear, I’ve gone three weeks with no manga. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Not even manga from Borders since I haven’t stopped by there in a while… well minus my book signing but I didn’t get time to stop by the manga section.

I’m starting to get the shakes. I need Japanese boys love.

Wednesday Haul #29

I have finally dug out of the mess I made of my office moving the furniture around. My walls are literally lined with books. I have eleven (yes, 11) DVD/CD shelves that were converted to book shelves full of books and manga. The DVD/CD shelves are lightweight, hold more and take up less room <- in case you're wondering why I use them. 😀 But enough about that. Let me get to last week’s Wednesday haul and I’ll have another tomorrow… maybe. I can never tell when I will or won’t have manga to post about. Wednesday Haul #29 – January 21, 2009

Crown #1 (shoujo, action, romance – 16+ Older Teen)
Bound Beauty #2 (shoujo, paranormal, romance, 13+ Teen)
Black Sun (yaoi, drama, romance – 18+ Mature)

Wednesday Haul #28

I’m on time this time… sort of. 😀

Wednesday Haul #28 – 07 January 2009

Junjo Romantica #8 (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Take Me to Heaven (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Make More Love & Peace (shoujo, drama, romance – Mature 18+)

Wednesday Haul #27

A little late, I know, especially since it’s Wednesday again and I’ll probably get more manga. 😀 In my defense, the Wednesday release of comics was pushed back to Friday.

Wednesday Haul # 27 – January 02, 2009

Blue Sheep Reverie #1 (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
His Arrogance (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
A Gentleman’s Kiss #2 (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Junior Escort (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time (shoujo, drama, romance – OT 16+)
Phantom Dreams #1 (shoujo, paranormal, romance – OT 16+)
Wild Ones #5 (shoujo, drama, romance – OT 16+)
Her Majesty’s Dog #11 (shoujo, paranormal, romance – OT 16+)
I Shall Never Return #5 (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Gentleman’s Alliance #8 (shoujo, drama, romance – OT 16+)

On of the biggest turn outs I’ve had in a while.

Wednesday Haul #26


I’ve finally gotten manga after all this time. I was starting to go through withdrawal.

Wednesday Haul #25 – December 24, 2008

Hero Heel #3 (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Shards of Affection (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Tail of the Moon #14 (shoujo, drama, romance – Older Teen)
You Will Fall in Love (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Loveholic #2 (yaoi, drama, romance – Older Teen)

Wednesday Haul #25

This is the Wednesday Haul for November 26th. Don’t say it! I didn’t get lazy and I didn’t forget. I was out of town. I didn’t do my comic run until the following Wednesday.

And there’s an interesting story to go along with that. Diamond decided to use Thanksgiving as an excuse to delay the comic book shipment. So I went Wednesday but the new books for THAT week weren’t due in until Thursday.

I went back Thursday and the delivery truck had broken down before reaching the store. The owner went out to meet the truck in hopes of getting his packages so he could get his new releases out and make sales but that wouldn’t be until 3pm and I had to get to bed so I could go to work.

AND THEN, I went back yesterday and found out that my manga order might not have been entered so for two weeks, I’ve gotten NO MANGA. Doesn’t that qualify as cruel and unusual punishment or something?

Anywho, here’s the books from November 26th:

Hanky Panky (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Sounds of Love (shoujo, romance, drama – Mature 18+)
Lovers and Souls (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
FreshMen (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)

Wednesday Haul #24

While this should be Wednesday Haul #24 – 26, I’m just going to cheat and say it’s all 24. Less confusion later. ;P

Wednesday Haul #24

29 Oct
Zombie Loan #4 (supernatural, action, comedy – OT 16+)
Angel Diary #7 (shoujo, supernatural – Teen 13+)
Love Quest (yaoi, supernatural, romance – Mature 18+)

05 Nov
A Capable Man (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Stop Bullying Me (yaoi, drama, romance – OT 16+)
Captive Hearts (shoujo, drama, romance – OT 16+)
Ouran High School Host Club #11 (shoujo, comedy, romance – OT 16+)

12 Nov
Vassalord #2 (yaoi, fantasy, action – OT 16+)
Fruits Basket #21 (shoujo, drama, romance – Teen 13+)
Sighing Kiss (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Barefoot Waltz (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)

Wednesday Haul #23

Wednesday Haul #23 – 22 October 2008

Vampire Hunter D: Pale Fallen Angel, Parts One and Two (science fiction/horror – novel #11)
Angel Diary #6 (shoujo, fantasy, drama – Teen 13+)
Lover’s Pledge (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)

Not much this time around.

Wednesday Non-Haul #1

Just so we’re clear…

I didn’t forget to post the haul and I didn’t get lazy. I just didn’t get anything this time around. That’s why this week’s is called a “non-haul”. I’ve had past “non-haul” weeks but I never thought of naming them something different until now. So, there you go.


So… Wednesday, 15 Oct 2008 – Nothing

Wednesday Haul #22

Here’s this weeks and on time no less.


Clear Skies! #1 (yaoi, drama, romance – Older Teen 16+)
Wild Butterfly (yaoi, drama, romance – Older Teen 16+)
Hot Limit (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
A Gentleman’s Kiss #1 (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Candy (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)

Wednesday Haul #21

Yes, yes. I know I’ve missed quite a few Wednesday Hauls. I got lazy all of a sudden. Actually, that’s a convenient excuse but the most accurate of the situation. There’s a bunch of other stuff I haven’t done as well, but I’m catching up slowly but surely.

Lesson learned – don’t put stuff off because it only piles up.

Wednesday Haul #21 – All the Wednesdays I missed…

Yakuza in Love #3FINAL VOLUME (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Author’s Pet (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Incubus #3 (yaoi, drama, horror – Mature 18+)
Sweet Regard (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
One Night Lesson (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Dazzle #9 (shoujo, drama, action – Older Teen 16+)
Junjo Romantica #7 (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Future Lovers (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Make Love and Peace (shoujo, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Love + Alpha (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Wild Ones #4 (shoujo, drama, romance – Older Teen 16+)
Vampire Knight #5 (shoujo, paranormal, romance – Older Teen 16+)
Today’s Ulterior Motives (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
The Gentlemen’s Alliance #7 (shoujo, drama, romance – Older Teen #16)
Just Around the Corner (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)

Wednesday Haul #20

Yes, I did get stuff last Wednesday but I’ve been so swamped with stuff that I never felt like typing it out (and it isn’t even that much). Seeing as how tomorrow is Wednesday again, I thought I should get this post up before the other one. Not to mention, it came out Thursday. Comics were delayed a day thanks to Labor Day.

Wednesday Haul #20 – 04 September 2008

Today’s Ulterior Motives (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Vampire Knight #5 (shoujo, paranormal, romance – OT 16+)
Wild Ones #4 (shoujo, drama, romance – OT 16+)
Gentleman’s Alliance #7 (shoujo, drama, romance – OT 16+)
Just Around the Corner (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Love Alpha (yaoi, paranormal, romance – Mature 18+)

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