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Writing Update: 12 Sep 2015 #amplanning

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[Insert Giddy Laughing Here] I’m free. I just finished my ghostwriting story and sent it to my client. That means I can now focus on my own stuff and the thing I’m going to focus on first is the Eternal Truths Series (Time, Death, Creation, and Chaos). You’ll remember that Time is Eris, which I recently got back.

I’ll be tweaking Eris and working on the other titles for however long that takes. I just re-read my notes for the Chaos (aka Errita) book and got all excited. That is going to be the most fun to write because it crosses all the worlds of the multiverse, finally introducing them all like I should have done years ago.

Important Note: I think some people are a little confused about the Eternal Truths Series and think Kaylie, Eris’s sister, will be the next book. She’s not part of the series. She will get a book eventually but that book isn’t part of the Eternal Truths Series. Declan, Eris’s brother, also has a book coming but again that book isn’t part of the Eternal Truths Series. Yes, I know. I make things confusing. Sorry. πŸ˜›

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Writing Update: 26 July 2013

Starting off this week’s writing update right.

19 July (Friday) – Early AM
I’m up late waiting for the start of my Cyber Launch Party to celebrate Favored Dragon’s Release and ended up with a scene idea for the Daily Grind Series. It’s the main character’s birthday, which is a later book that doesn’t have a number yet, but I wanted to get the basics of the scene down before I forgot. So I put 1049 words on it. Just enough to get the flavor of the scene. How I’m going to pump it up to 30K is a matter I’ll figure out later. πŸ˜›

Intermission… I got ready for bed and then came right back because I got an idea on how to begin a story I started long ago. I don’t know why it popped into my head but the scene just fit. I came back to my computer and put 1,344 words on that story before heading to bed.

19 July (Friday) – Night
I put 975 words on Selected Lovers finishing it up at 25,324 words. All done. Now I just need to write the tag line and blurb and then it’s off to my editor. The Caveat Emptor series is officially finished.

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Writing Update: 19 July 2013

Back on track.

15 July
Trying to get Selected Lovers finished up, like I said I would. I put 4,418 words on it today. The word count is almost up to 17K. I had to add in a chapter to give some more depth the heroes. This will end up being the longest book in the Caveat Emptor series, but since it’s a one-shot spinoff, I figure that’s allowed.

And I came up with titles for the final two books in the Pre-Game Show series. Those two should be finished right after I focus on them again. There’s very little that needs doing in either. Just flesh out some scenes and then turn them over to my editor.

17 July
Selected Lovers got another 7,386 words. It’s now at 24,349 words with only a little bit more to go until it’s finished. I have to give the two heroes names, put in the heroine’s description, put a little more on the heroes’ descriptions, and then flesh out two or three sex scenes as well as tighten up the ending and I’m done. Not bad work for a story I started five days ago on 12 July.

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Writing Update: 13 July 2013

I haven’t done a writing update since 23 April. There’s a really good reason for that — I went to the mainland on 01 May and didn’t get home to Hawaii until 12 June. In that entire time, I wrote nothing. I had a few ideas that I jotted down in my ipad for future reference (and I’ll get to those soonish) but no actual writing.

For those who keep up with me on FB and my newsletter, I landed in the hospital with an infected kidney stone on 04 June and didn’t get discharged until 10 June. Yup, I was in the hospital for a week. Not fun. Water is your friend. Drink lots because kidney stones REALLY hurt.

I ended up missing the Reader-Author Get Together convention I would have attended the day AFTER the kidney stone hit me. Still not happy about that. But anyway, I’m home and I have been writing LOTS. I just haven’t been updating my blog that I’ve been writing lots. I have been updating FB though.

Unlike previous writing update posts, I’m not going to day by day. That would take too long. I’ll just give word counts of what I’ve been writing since I got off the meds (the side effects kept me from writing or doing much of anything except being a bump on a log). 22 June hit and suddenly I had to write. I’ve been writing ever since.

To see the day-by-day updates, check out my FB profile starting at 23 June. For the short version, keep reading. All stories listed below are ones I didn’t start until AFTER I got home.

22 June – 13 July 2013 Writing Progress

* Daily Grind Book 2 – 16,476 words

* Daily Grind Book 3 – 8,585 words

* Daily Grind Book 4 – 27,657 words

* Daily Grind Book 5 – 21,044 words

* Daily Grind Book 7 (…maybe) – 3,432 words

* Daily Grind Book 8 (…possibly) – 1,668 words

* Daily Grind (abandoned idea) – 9,642 words

* Daily Grind (still not sure if I’m using this) – 3,073 words

* Story Idea “Statue” – 9,320 words

* Story Idea “Domme” – 6,678 words

* Pre-Game Show Book 3 – 5,770 words (total 8,912)

* Pre-Game Show Book 4 – 11,690 words

* Selected Lovers (Caveat Emptor 7.5) – 12,525 words

All totaled that’s 137,560 words in about 22 days… give or take since I didn’t write everyday. The only story that was started before this binge was Pre-Game Show Book 3. All the others are brand new. Suffice to say, my muse had some catching up to do and the frenzy isn’t over yet.

For those wondering, Daily Grind is a new series I have at Ellora’s Cave for their Exotika line (erotica). I have one book contracted (Filling the Void) and five other books planned and in various stages of being written — as you can see from the above. I figure Book 2 should be finished soon but first I have a deadline with Changeling Press for the spinoff of the Caveat Emptor series called Selected Lovers. That’s the story about the menage couple mentioned in the epilogue of Eternal Lovers.

My plan is to get Selected Lovers finished and to my editor this coming week (14 – 20 July) and then spend the rest of July putting the final 15K words (or so) on Book 2 of the Daily Grind series.

Once I get all this Erotica out of my system, I’m switching back to DRB mode to finish the next book in the Hidden by Dragons series at Siren-Bookstrand. It was already started from way back when. It has 11,243 words on it already. Likewise, the final book in the series is started as well — 5,356 words currently.

And that catches me up with the writing update. I resume my normal Friday updating schedule on 19 July.

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Writing Update: 28 April 2013

And this is the last Sunday Writing Update as the A to Z Challenge ends this week. The writing updates will go back to Fridays… assuming I’ve written anything during the week to post about. Since I’m getting ready to fly to the mainland and I have a wedding to attend this coming Saturday, I don’t think 03 May will have an update. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure it won’t.

In fact, except for the entry below, I probably won’t be writing much this week. I have reading to do for a contest and other prep to do for traveling. Time is flying.

22 April 2013 (Monday) – WRITING: My starting word count was 9004. I chopped 2166 and then added another 1076 to get a final word count of 7,914 which fits the new word count requirements Changeling Press implemented recently. My Halloween story is finished and in to my editor.

Writing Update: 21 April 2013

And another Sunday update. One more of these and then it’s back to Fridays.

16 April 2013 (Tuesday): WRITING – 4,450 words on my Christmas novella from Changeling Press. I’m supposed to be finishing my Halloween novella not Christmas. Eh well, they both need to be done anyway. I just need to put in the sex scenes (and name the characters) and the Christmas novella will be ready to go.

18 April 2013 (Thursday): WRITING – I accomplished writing but I’m not sure how much. I didn’t keep track the way I normally do. Of course some would say just subtract your end count from your starting count. It’s not that simple. I deleted a bunch so I could keep the novella below 10K words. If I had to guess, I would say I did 2-3K… maybe.

The current word count is 9,004 words and I have two sex scenes left. Both scenes can’t be more than 500 words each or else I’ll go over the 10K limit and have to cut more out of the book. Suffice to say my Halloween novella is very close to being finished and on the way to my editor.

Writing Update: 14 April 2013

Since I’m doing the A to Z Challenge, I decided to move my writing updates to Sunday. They’ll go back to Friday again some time in May… assuming I can get any writing accomplished in May.

08 April 2013 (Monday): WRITING – I did some plotting yesterday and finally got back to writing today. Real life obligations like taxes and visitors sucks for creativity. Today’s word count was 4060 — 918 on a free read coming out in a few days with Changeling Press and 3142 words on a new Erotica piece (also for Razor’s Edge Press) that won’t see publication until some time in 2014.

My schedule with Changeling is full for 2013, so even after I finish this piece, it won’t come out until 2014. No big. Nothing wrong with getting stuff finished early. They idea came to me and I had to get it out. Hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow so I can move on to other things that are under deadline. πŸ˜€

10 April 2013 (Wednesday): WRITING – So Tuesday was a busy work day. I wanted to write, but I had a bunch of other non-writing things I had to get out of the way. But today I did write. 3530 words on my Halloween story. I put aside the Razor’s Edge piece for now. I have the basic plot figured out so I can go back to that later. The Halloween story for Changeling is under deadline and needs to be finished before the end of the month.

I don’t think it’ll take me that long. In fact, I’m already planning to jump into and finish another Changeling title under deadline after this one. The Halloween story is a third of the way finished — I’m aiming for 6-7K words. So just four or five more days of heavy writing and I’ll be done. Friday and Saturday are shot since the hubby is insisting I mingle with the real world for a while. πŸ˜›

11 April 2013 (Thursday): WRITING – 4273 words on my Halloween story today. I’m running possible titles past my editor. The main characters have names, I’m on the last chapter, and I need to put in the sex scenes. After that, I am finished. I would say one day to finish off the last chapter and one day to do the sex scenes. So possible Wednesday at the latest. We’ll have to wait and see.

12 April 2013 (Friday): CONTRACT – No writing today because I was out helping a friend get settled in her new place. Her house (condo) is a flippin’ Italian villa. I kid you not. Stone floors, old timey wood doors with knockers and levers, the whole shebang. The guy who built the place is from money and wanted to bring Italy to Hawaii. He totally succeeded. But I digress.

So… CONTRACT. As of 12 April 2013, my non-shifter dragon romance — formerly named YOLETTE now FAVORED DRAGON’S RELEASE — is signed with Siren-Bookstrand Publishing and has a projected release date of June 2013. Yeah! I know, right? Fast. I was really amazed by that and happy too. This will be my first D. Renee Bagby release since ERIS in 2010. Long overdue and I plan to rectify that by writing more DRB books in the coming months.

Writing Update: 01 March 2013

And this is what happens when I have a screwy writing schedule…

22 Feb (Fri) – No I’m not repeating the end of last week’s post. I did my word count, went to bed, got up, wrote some more and now have a new word count but for the same day. πŸ˜›

The overall total is 7,482 words today, but not all that was on one story. I put 6,814 words on the Erotica piece I’m working on. I also put 78 words on one sequel to that Erotica piece (remember I mentioned it would be a series) and 590 words on another sequel. I had two ideas pop into my head and I wanted to get them down. Once I finish Book 1 (still need to figure out a title and character names for that matter), I’ll be jumping into Book 2, which is the one sequel I put 78 words on.

After all that writing, I am spent. Hopefully one or two more days and I’ll be done with this book. Then it’s off to my editor to see if she likes it.

23 Feb (Sat) – I started writing and then went out with the hubby to his friend’s promotion party. I knew I would be writing more when I got home, BUT I also knew that word count would go into Sunday. So for today (today-today, not part of yesterday too) my word count total is 2,309 words.

While I do plan to write more (once I’m done typing this installment of the update), I know it won’t be for long because I’m coming down with a head cold. This is the worst time for me to get sick (not there’s a good time). I’m trying to finish this story before I lose my momentum.

I’m also trying to finish before the end of the month so I can get my judging responsibilities out of the way. The scores are due on 07 March and I have seven books to read. It won’t take me long but I would rather read them AFTER I’m done with my story so I don’t fall out of the storyline. It’s a writer thing. Don’t worry if you don’t get it.

24 Feb (Sun – early AM) Head cold is getting worse though I’m trying to hold it at bay with honey-lemon-cinnamon tea. A hot shower and some Aleve before I go to bed should help too. What didn’t help was going out in the rain, to a restaurant full of people, breathing their germs on me. Ugh. But enough about that.

I put 1,115 more words on the story and I’m almost finished with chapter two. I just need to fill in one gap and write the major sex scene. After that, it’s finishing off chapter three, which I already started, and writing the brief epilogue. So long as this cold doesn’t knock me on my ass (and my outing later today doesn’t take too much out of me), I should be able to at least get chapter two finished. I hope. I also have some time-sensitive promotional stuff that needs my attention.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

25 Feb (Mon) – Why did I just put 8,677 words on a NEW story that I thought was only self-entertainment. What had started out as a wild fantasy to entertain myself and never see the computer turned into a really good idea for a fantasy piece. I got the basics written and will flesh it out for submission later. I need to finish my Erotica piece before jumping into this new book.

My head cold is still with me but I think I’m in the final stretch. I’ll find out for sure after I get some sleep.

26 Feb (Tue) – I only put down 1,515 words today and not on the book it should have been on. I came up with a piece of a scene that needed to be written down before jumping into promo stuff. So that’s inputted and ready for tweaking at a later date when I start writing that story.

My head cold is still lingering — a little sneezing and a little stuffiness. Mostly ignorable. I wish it would just give up and go away. I’ve got better things to do than pause writing so I can sneeze. πŸ˜›

27 Feb (Wed) – 2,308 words today. Hard fought for words. Suddenly the story didn’t want to talk to me but I whipped it into shape. I’m almost at the end. I finished chapter two today, I need to add a little more to complete chapter three, and it turns out there will be an epilogue. Final word count should be a little over 30K.

Writing Update: 22 Feb 2013

Soooooo… I decided I wouldn’t be able to make the deadline for the EC Curve Appeal series without rushing the book and possibly ruining the story I want to tell. Rather than chance it and see, I decided to switch focus to another idea that’s been bugging me.

18 Feb (Mon) – I stayed up until 4AM my time writing. To be fair, I started around midnight. I had an idea and I had to write it. I put 3,069 words on an Erotica piece. Unfortunately, after a good night’s (morning?) rest, I didn’t like the concept any longer. What I wrote is fine, but the characters weren’t doing what I wanted and it seemed to be dragging. That usually means I’m forcing it. Plus I was writing while tired. That’s never a recipe for good things. So I’ve abandoned that story to think of a new concept.

19 Feb (Tue) – My days are a little mixed up since I stayed up late Sunday night into Monday morning, hence my word count being attributed to Monday rather than Sunday. Likewise, all the plotting I did for a new Erotica series was Monday night going into Tuesday morning. I decided to write my ideas out long hand and ended up with a sore wrist afterwards. I also finished off my current composition book. I have to dig out another one for future ideas.

After working myself into a funk because I had character that needed a story and I couldn’t think of a story, it finally came to me. Thus another Erotica series is born. I plotted out one story that led to another story and then a vague idea for a third and a possibly a fourth. After getting some sleep and letting my brain recharge, I decided the possible fourth made a better first book. The third vague idea may or may not happen depending on whether or not I can flesh it out a little more.

20 Feb (Wed) – Another mixed up day. It’s 2:40AM on Wednesday and I haven’t gone to bed yet. My word count was achieved throughout the day on Tuesday, which is different from my norm of writing during the day until sunset and then doing promo stuff until going to bed. However this story wants to be written and doesn’t care about schedules. Since I didn’t finish until now, I have to attribute it to Wednesday. Actually it doesn’t matter when I wrote it so long as it gets written.

Today’s (yesterday’s) word count was 5,130 words and an amazing start to my new series. My characters are vivid and talking loud. The stories will be single POV but that just means I can delve deep into the heroine’s psyche so the readers get to know her really well.

As is the case with my Erotica pieces, this series will be Contemporary. Funny how Erotica is the only time when I don’t have preternatural beings clamoring for attention. Any other time, even if I try for Contemporary, a dead body pops up or the hero grows fangs or something. As is, I’ll enjoy the break from world building to focus on character building.

21 Feb (Thu) – Another writing all day type of day. My word count (before I head off to bed) is 5,546 and I finished chapter one. I still have to go back and make sure everything looks right… though I plan to do that later. Right now I’m more concerned with going forward. I’m about a third of the way through the book after two days of writing. I want to keep up that momentum.

Yes, the chapters in this book are long. I’m doing that on purpose. Hopefully my editor will let me keep them that way since it’s my plan to do all the other books in the series the same way. For a novel, the chapters are about the right length but we’ll see.

Today is my release day for Forever Wicked: Collar and Bell so I have to factor promotion into my writing time. As well, Friday is girls’ day — getting together to gossip and such. That may or may not impact my writing. I’ll find out when/if it happens.

22 Feb (Fri) – It’s not often I get to add a Friday writing update to the bottom of my weekly update post. With my weird writing schedule, it was bound to happen. That just means next week post will start with Saturday. 4,964 words today. I’m about half way through chapter two and learning lots of fun things about my characters the more I write. This is what I love about being a pantser… discovery. πŸ˜€

Writing Update: 15 February 2013

Another week and more to write about. πŸ˜€

08 February (Fri) – 5,654 words on the Soul Debt: Or Current Resident novella. Current word count is 24,171 words, which is over the 23K I predicted in my last update. And I still need to add three sex scenes (very involved sex scenes), so this book might hit 26K or 27K. I’ll know for sure when I finish.

10 February (Sun) – As I thought, there was no writing to be done on yesterday (Saturday). The Chinese new year celebrating at PF Chang’s took a lot out of me and I couldn’t do much more than stare at my computer and do busy work. But I made up for it today. I wrote LOTS of free sex — the best kind — ie Encounters for Changeling. Chamomile Nights: Honeymoon Suite (1,336 words) out this month, Bell and Collar: Begging (1,465 words) out in March, and Or Current Resident: Appraisal (1,490 words) out in June.

Yes, I wrote an Encounter for a story that isn’t even finished yet. It came to me and I went with it. That’s how I work. I still have to write the sex scenes to finish off Soul Debt: Or Current Resident, but that’s tomorrow. I was on deadline for an Encounter if I wanted one to be out this month. And I did. My plan is to have one Encounter for each of my Changeling (not Razor) titles — or characters in case of the Caveat Emptor Series and the Wet Series. One a month until I catch up and then one Encounter per title following the release of that title.

So that was roughly 4,291 words today. Actually, it was more like 5,000+ if you count all the words I deleted. πŸ˜› I thought for sure Or Current Resident: Appraisal wouldn’t be long enough, given the subject matter. When I got finished, it was over two thousands words and I was like, “Oh crap. Gotta cut something.” Changeling Encounters are maxed out at 1,500 words. Any longer and I have to turn it into a release for sale. πŸ˜›

And then Bell and Collar: Begging did the same thing to me, though not as much. I finished at 1,530 words and had to cut a few sentences to make it fit. But that’s what happens when I get into a scene. I start writing and suddenly I’m 2K into a sex scene that’s no where near the orgasm, but the characters sure are enjoying themselves. Teehee. Hopefully that lightning will strike again tomorrow and I can get Soul Debt: Or Current Resident finished and off to my editor. Then it’s on to the next.

11 February (Monday) – 2043 words on Soul Debt: Or Current Resident. Alllllllmost finished. I knocked out two of the three sex scenes and tweaked one of the existing ones. The big, climatic (teehee) sex scene is yet to come (more teehee). I didn’t want to write it tired since there’s going to be a lot going on and I want it to be perfect. So I’m going to get some rest and then tackle it in the morning.

After I finish the final sex scene, assuming I’m not too wiped out, I will go back and check the ones I wrote today. Give them a few tweaks and then make sure everything with the story checks out and looks right. So one or two more days and it’s off to my editor… well I gotta write the tag line and blurb too, then it’s off to my editor. The day after all that it’s on to the next and I won’t look at Soul Debt: Or Current Resident until it’s time for edits.

12 February (Tuesday) – Today’s word count is 2229. I should have added an extra word to make it even. πŸ˜› Anywho, Soul Debt: Or Current Resident is complete at 27,858 words. I have to do one final read through (tomorrow) and then it’s off to my editor. AS I figured, I’m too wiped out to check anything after all that sex and emotional upheaval (it was a really big scene). But that’s all good. I can do the final read through tomorrow and tweak everything all at once rather than doing it in chunks.

The next book on my list (no title yet but I’m trying to figure one out) is already talking to me. I located the models for the hero and heroine (love them!) and they’ve been yapping at me ever since. I guess this book wants to really be written. Hopefully I’ll keep the momentum so I can make the 01 March deadline at Ellora’s Cave. I’ll give it to them regardless but it would be nice to be included in the Curve Appeal Series.

13 February (Wednesday) – Early this morning — I’m talking 2AM, in bed, ready to close my eyes — I had to pull out my ipad and put words on my Ellora’s Cave title. It wouldn’t leave me alone and I wanted to sleep. Head under the covers so I didn’t disturb the hubby, I sat tapping away at the ipad keyboard until I put 662 words (and made some world notes) on this new story. Friggin’ impatient characters. πŸ˜› Well better than them not talking at all, right?

So that story, which has no title, is started. I already have the character’s named (which is really rare for me at this stage), I have their models chosen so I know how they look, I know their attitudes and a little about their backgrounds, and I have a basic plot idea. This story shouldn’t take long… unless my muse throws a plot twist at me mid-book. That’s what happened with On the Hunt: CREAM so I’m not discounting it with this one since they are set in the same world.

The final word count for Soul Debt: Or Current Resident is 27,911 words and it’s off to my editor. That story is complete. After a night with the hubby and some rest I can give the muse what she wants and start my next title.

Writing Update: 08 February 2013

As usual, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog let alone my writing progress. What can I say? I’m under a huge pile and the something that gave is my blog. But at least it wasn’t my writing… for the most part.

– 05 February (Tuesday) – Put 2,246 words on my Soul Debt: Or Current Resident novella for Changeling Press.

– 06 February (Wednesday) – Mom called and we spent four hours (give or take) talking about family and such. Life happens. No writing today as I catch up promo stuff and fiddle with my first chapters blogs. I changed the templates again. I’m pretty sure this will be the last time since this current template is a framework template so I can use it to create (or recreate) most any template out there.

– 07 February (Thursday) – Put 5,665 words on Soul Debt: Or Current Resident. My current word count is 18,517. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve got one more chapter to finish off the story and then I have to go back and add in the sex scenes. It’ll probably be around 23K. The hubby is on a half day tomorrow but he’s promised to find something to keep himself busy so I can write. I’m thinking two more days of writing… maybe. One of those days will be Friday. The next one might be Saturday but who knows since I’m celebrating Chinese New Year with the hubby and his friends. Happy hour at PF Chang’s. Woo!

That’s my nutshell for this week. After Soul Debt: Or Current Resident, I should be jumping into a novel… maybe.

Writing Update: 11 January

And here’s another writing update for 2013. I’ll get back on track eventually.

– EDITS (05 Jan): Another day on CREAM edits. I got through Chapter 11. Only a few more chapters to go. I know there are some sections coming that I want to tweak and flesh out. So long as that doesn’t take too long, I should have this back to my editor tomorrow. And then it’s on to the next.

– EDITS (06 Jan): First round CREAM edits are finished and back with my editor. Woot. Tomorrow is synopsis-writing day.

Update: Writing, FileMaker and Blog

It’s 2013 and I’ve already let the blog slide a lot. I’m thinking of redoing my schedule. Yes again. Since other things are taking up my time, rethinking my blog schedule will have to wait for a bit.

~ Writing ~
On the writing front… I haven’t been. πŸ˜› After finishing the Serenity, I decided to rest for the rest of the year. 2013 flipped over and my EC editor said she would have CREAM back to me soon. And she got it to me last night.

I spent today working on it and got through Chapter 4 (pg 36 of 103). It’s mostly finding replacements for overused words and elaborating on certain points to firm up my world building. The thing that’s slowing me down is FileMaker. I created a database in Filemaker to house book information for easy reference should I ever feel like revisiting a created world or characters. And there’s only one way for the information to get into that database — I have to put it there.

So as I’m doing my edits, I’m keeping an eye out for important data to add to the database. Important data such as character names (so I don’t reuse them), character descriptions and personality traits, major plot points and random information about the world created in the book.

The whole point is so I don’t have to re-read an entire novel to find one small factoid. I will enter all my books in the database, whether I plan to revisit them or not, because of the character names. I don’t want to reuse a name by accident and have people thinking the books are related when they aren’t.

After I finish the edits for CREAM, I’ll jump into writing the synopsis for the Serenity sequel and doing a final round of self-edits before I send the book off to submissions. Which, that final round of self-edits will also be when I enter the book info into the database. That will pretty much be how I do things from now on — final round of self-edits equals database updating. I can’t do it while I’m writing the book because there’s too much chance I’ll change/tweak stuff.

Writing Update: 28 December

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. πŸ˜€

– WRITING (22 Dec): 5416 words on the Serenity sequel today. I plugged three of the major gaps I left behind. I’ve got two more gaps left. They are tiny gaps that shouldn’t take that much. We’ll see when I’m finished writing them though.

– FINISHED (23 Dec): 3008 words later and the Serenity sequel is FINISHED! After a long struggle and lots of worry and self-doubt and more worry and procrastination and stalling, the book is DONE. This is like an early Christmas present to myself. I’m so happy I managed to get this done before 2013 like I wanted. The hard part is over. Now I just need to clean it up for submission, but that won’t be for a few days. I’m going to let the story percolate and then come back to it with fresh eyes so I can self-edit properly.

Writing Update: 21 December

Ten days later, I finally have something to write about. πŸ˜€

– WRITING (17 Dec): 1511 words on the Serenity sequel today. I thought I would have to go back and take a large chunk of what I already wrote so I could take the story in a different direction, but it turns out I was wrong. I guess I just needed a break so I could look at the story fresh or something. Everything I wrote, thus far, is still valid and working. Today was a slow start but the characters are talking to me again, so I have hope of getting this book done. If I could get it finished before the new year, even better.

– WRITING (18 Dec): 3418 words on the Serenity sequel today. The characters are talking and I’m finally on a roll. I hit two major plot points I’ve been struggling to get to for the last month. Happiness ensues.

– WRITING (19 Dec): 5304 words on the Serenity sequel today. I’m nearing the end of the book at a fast pace. I’m at the big reveal. Once I get to the end of the book, I have to go back and fill in the scenes I left hanging and then I’m all done.

– WRITING (20 Dec): 5296 words on the Serenity sequel today and I have reached the end. You read that right — The End. BUT, I’m not finished. πŸ˜› I have to go back and fill in the gaps I left trying to get to “The End” faster. They aren’t huge gaps but I still need to fill them. But I’m that much closer now. Filling in gaps is soooooo much easier than finishing a book.

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