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Writing Update

Writing Update: 14 December

– FINISHED (07 December): The 8-book short story series I have targeted for Razor’s Edge Press is finished. Completely and totally finished. The stories range from approximately 3300 words to 5300 words. Hopefully that’s it for Razor’s Edge for a while. Though I know my muse and that’s probably not the case. ๐Ÿ˜›

– 3D RENDERING (08 December AM): Here’s a new heading. I recently got and started using Daz Studio 3D 4.5. I had 4.0 but I never really got into using it. Since they upgraded to 4.5, I figured I should go to the new since I hadn’t started using the old. I spent a chuck of money getting characters and some accessories and I’ve been going to town.

My plan is to use the program to create promotional images for my books, like Romance Trading Cards and such. Why pay for stock photos everyone is using when I can just create my own 3D art originals, right?

One of the things I really love about Daz3D is the ability to pose my characters (usually hero and heroine) so I can see how their bodies interact. And I don’t just mean that in a sexual way. I mean like the hero standing behind the heroine — the location of his hips as compared to hers and how far he would have to hunch over if he wanted to hug her shoulders. Just simple stuff like that.

Being able to actually see it, as opposed to depending on my imagination and hoping I have it right, is so great. Even if I do nothing else with the program, just being able to pose my characters (after giving them the right body types) is priceless.

Writing Update: 07 December

After digging out of my promotions hole, I’m finally able to get back to writing again. The beginning (and the middle) of the month are always the hardest on writing time. Tack on a holiday and I don’t know how much I’m getting finished this December.

– WRITING & FINISHED (03 December): I put the final 1051 words on my Forever Wicked installment and it’s off to my editor. Finished at 14,607 words, which is about where I wanted it. That deadline is met, so it’s back to my novel… again… I hope.

– WRITING & FINISHED (04 December): 4,370 words on another of the 8-book series for Razor. Book 7 is finished. I now need to go back and add the beginnings to Book 3 and Book 4 and the whole series will be done. I’ll probably do that later tonight after I get some food and spend TV time with the hubby. Yes, yes, I dodged my novel again but the muse wanted to write sex. So I gave her sex. I don’t fight with the muse, especially not when I’m coming back from a long break.

Writing Update: 30 November

It’s the end of November. For all those participating in NaNoWriMo (not me), I hope you succeeded in your goals and now have a brand new book to put out. Things were a little touch and go with me for the last two weeks. Just when I got back into the swing of writing, the holidays pushed me to dead halt again.

– WRITING (26 November): Put a little over 1000 words on my installment for the Forever Wicked multi-author Changeling Press series. It’s at 10,419 words now. All that’s left is to put in the sex scenes and then that’ll be done. Just in time for the deadline too.

– WRITING (27 November): 1370 words on my Forever Wicked installment. I would have done more but I had to stop spanking my hero so I could go do a live online chat with the other Changeling Press authors at Writerspace. I missed last month’s due to a date mix-up so I couldn’t miss this month’s as well. After that the hubby wanted to get out of the house. I guess I have to finish spanking my hero tomorrow, after I get back from registering my car.

– WRITING (28 November): 1767 words on my Forever Wicked installment. These sex scenes take a lot out of me. I thought I would finish up this story today, but that’s just not in the cards. Depending on my mood, I might be able to pick it up later tonight but I won’t hold my breath, not to mention I’ve got a ton of other stuff to do. Tomorrow is up in the air as well since I’m meeting with friends and running errands. Friday the hubby has off and we’re doing the movie thing.

Writing Update: 23 November

– EDITING (17 Nov): Finished up the edits for Fantasy vs. Reality, a Razor’s Edge short story due out in January. I’d forgotten how much fun that story is. I haven’t looked at it since I finished it in July. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ๐Ÿ˜›

Running around getting the stuff to make my first turkey pretty much shot this week to hell. But I got a lot of plotting done for various things so it wasn’t a total loss. I also got some news that I can’t share just yet. Yup. I’m a tease. ๐Ÿ˜€

Writing Update 16 November

Sooo… this isn’t much of a writing update. I stalled majorly after Monday. Last Friday through Monday was spent doing stuff with the hubby and friends for the long weekend. I figured I would get into Tuesday and no dice.

I wrote a little on the final of the eight book series for Razor’s Edge, but I’m thinking I’ll have to axe it all and start over. I didn’t like how the story was going after only a few paragraphs. I didn’t track what I did write since I probably won’t be keeping it.

While I know where I want the Serenity sequel to go, I run into a road block (not really writer’s block) when I go to start writing. So this week was pretty much shot.

I’m hoping getting some real life stuff out of the way (seeing Breaking Dawn Pt 2, trading in some books to the local used bookstore, doing the 50K service on my car, and getting the car inspected and re-registered in Hawaii) on Friday will help. Maybe all those errands getting me out of the house is what I need. Fresh air and all that. I think I mentioned getting away in one of my Writing Advice posts.

Writng Update: 09 November

– FINISHED (04 November AM): I worked most of the day Saturday (03 Nov) and into today (04 Nov) to finish off my bounty hunter story. 44,915 words total (5825 words in this last push) for the finished manuscript. I still need to go through and re-read the last half to make sure I like the way it looks, but it’ll be off to my editor soon.

– SUBMITTED (04 November PM): I got laid up with a migraine that delayed my plans for three hours while I caught a nap. Good news is that my bounty hunter story is now tweaked (I added 659 words for a final-final word count of 45,574 words) and submitted. I’ll be jumping back into the Serenity sequel starting Monday.

I have to re-read everything I wrote to get back into the mood of the story, but that’s okay. I enjoy doing that. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this story off with a minimum of delays and fuss (I think I’m about three chapters from the end), because I have a December deadline with Changeling Press for a different story. I’m devoting two solid weeks to the Serenity sequel and then I’ll have to stop again (if I’m not finished) so I can do the Changeling story.

After those two, I have a Sci-Fi cat people story that’s begging for attention. I’ll probably bounce between that and Contractually Bound Love until I finish both with Changeling/Razor’s Edge stories tossed in between.

– REACQUAINTING (05 November): I went through and re-read all I had written for the Serenity sequel. I also did some tweaks and wrote 508 words. Not an impressive amount but today was about getting back into the vibe of this story so I can start the real writing tomorrow. My plan is to push to the end before I go back and fill in my gaps, which I have a few.

– WRITING (06 November): 1964 words on Serenity sequel today. The book is fighting with me. I’m not sure what the problem is. I would hate to think I might have to go back and redo something, but that might be where I’m headed if this book doesn’t start talking to me soon.

– FINISHED (07 November): 4545 words on a Razor’s Edge short. Book 6 of the eight-book series is finished. I was naughty. I ran away from the Serenity sequel to do something easy. I’ve gotten my little rebellion out of my system so I’ll hop back on the real work tomorrow… I think.

Writing Update: 02 November

– WRITING (26 October): Spent a large part of the morning, after getting up waaaaaaay too early (like 4hrs after going to sleep) putting 3862 words on the fifth in the 8-book Razor’s Edge series. Yup. Not completely finished with Book 3 and Book 4, but I’ve already jumped into Book 5.

To make matters worse, Book 5 got away from me (stories do that sometimes) and I had to cut 1842 words to get it back on track. Remember, these are short stories. I’m aiming for under 4K so 1800 words is a LOT. The story is back on track and now 2020 words long. It shouldn’t take long to finish when I get back to it. For now I’m catching a nap before my Coyote Con panel in an hour and a half. No more writing for me until I get some rest.

– EDITED (27 October): Did the edits for Overflow and handed that back in to my editor. Since I had Coyote Con panels, a guest, and a tsunami warning, I didn’t get much else finished today.

– PLOTTING (28 October): Coyote Con is over, the hubby is back on normal days tomorrow (full 8hr day at work instead of 4hrs), and after I get some REAL sleep I can get back to writing and finishing. Even though I screwed up my sleep schedule, I did still manage to conceptualize a Halloween story that spawned from a Changeling Press flash fiction session. It won’t come out until October 2013 but at least I have the story figured out. It should be a quick 10-12K words seasonal piece.

– FINISHED (29 October): I finished Book 5 of the Razor’s Edge shorts at 4119 words. This is after taking out another 719 words. But at least it’s finished. This one was a little harder than the others because the plot tried to take over. Razor’s Edge is Erotica so the story is supposed to be sex loosely wrapped in plot. Book 5 is about half and half.

– WRITING (30 October): 6060 words on the bounty hunter story today. One more chapter left before the end. BUT don’t start cheering yet. I left a lot of scenes open-ended to so I could go forward (namely sex scenes). I need to go back and flesh those out as well as do some fine tuning before I’m completely finished. The couple figured out their differences though (for the most part), so I’m happy. I also need to come up with character names for pretty much everyone in the book and a title.

After this, it’s back to the Serenity sequel. Woot!

– WRITING (31 October): Happy Halloween! 3412 words on the bounty hunter story today. I’ve reached the end. That doesn’t mean the book is finished though. As I said before, I still have to go back and fill in the gaps I left as well as tweaking stuff. Another two or three days of writing and I should be finished with it.

– TWEAKING (01 November): I started the tweaks on the bounty hunter story. Everyone now has names and I think I’ve solidified the plot enough. The final thing is to go through and add in the sex scenes (the ones I skipped) as well as connect some parts where I left gaps. That’s a solid day of writing… as soon as I get a solid day. The hubby has a half day tomorrow and he wants to go see Wreck-it Ralph (I want to see it too) after he gets home. I think I might have Saturday to myself. Sunday is Man With the Iron Fists, so that’s probably a no writing day too.

– EDITS (01 November): Just finished and returned the edits for my Changeling Press Christmas story due out in December. I love when edits come back (sort of) because that means I can read my story again. Once I finish a story and hand it over to submissions, I don’t touch it again until I get the edits. That way I can read it with fresh eyes (have I said this here already? If so, I’m saying it again). Plus, not going back to finished stuff helps me focus on new stuff.

Writing Update: 26 October

– FINISHING (19 October): I finished the second short story in the eight book series I have planned for Razor’s Edge. 3733 words. I might tweak it a little to tighten up some things (like I’ve been doing with book one) so that count could go up or down (though not by much). As soon as my sleep schedule (and a few other things) go back to normal, I’ll be able to get back into the bounty hunter story and finish it. Until then, the Razor’s Edge shorts are about all I’m mentally up to doing. At least I’m writing.

And as a sidenote, I mentioned in my 19 October update that I had written a bunch on this short story while I was at the end of my mental rope and figured I might have to edit it a lot. I ended up axing a huge chunk (like 90% of it) of what I originally wrote and went in a different direction. Worked out for the best since I finished it.

– WRITING (20 October): I’m back! 4093 words on the bounty hunter story today. While I like to reserve the weekends for getting ahead on my promotional stuff so I can focus on writing during the week, I was eager to get back on track. This story is going waaaaaaay off where I originally wanted it, but I don’t care. This is part of the fun of being a pantser. The story changes and evolves as I write. I go where the characters take me and enjoy the journey. I know the general plot and how the book will end. How the characters get to end is entirely up to them.

– PLOTTING & FINISHING (22 October): Last night I plotted a full novella for yet ANOTHER flash fiction. Yeesh. Those things get me every time. I thought this flash fiction might be my first Paranormal Razor, but it evolved into a normal Changeling release. So normal it shall stand. Even more, it looks like I’m aiming for the new Soul Debt multi-author series. That’ll be two stories I have lined up for that series.

Also, I finished another of the eight-story shorts I have aimed for Razor’s Edge. This one is the longest at 5079 words and I blame that on it being the last. Yup. I wrote the last of the series and I haven’t even written the middle books yet. Inspiration hit and I went with it. The books are mostly stand alone (same main character) so it’s not that big of a deal. That also means I didn’t put words on my bounty hunter story today. I’ll see how tomorrow looks for that.

– WRITING (24 October): I don’t know where this story is headed any longer. I knew where I wanted it to go when I started, but the more I write the further away from that it gets. ๐Ÿ˜› Today’s count on the bounty hunter story was 7184 words. I’m almost to 30K and I’m thinking the book won’t stop there. I gotta wrap up the plot, after all. ๐Ÿ˜›

– WRITING… A LOT (25 October): I grossed 8238 words today but not all on the same story. Inspiration hit (yeah, it does that often) so I had to put down words on two different books in the 8-book Razor’s Edge series I’m doing. Book Three (3516 words) and Book Four (3272 words) aren’t finished yet but they are close to it. I just need to add beginnings to both and wrap up the ends.

I started Book Three and only meant to write a little on it (get the idea down and come back later) before jumping over to my bounty hunter story. But then the muse kept going and I ended up starting and mostly finishing Book Four. I did put 1450 words on the bounty hunter story and managed to write myself out of the hole I dug. The main characters are having a lover’s quarrel at the moment. I figure working together to kill someone who ruined both their lives should help solve it. Nothing like makeup sex after joint homicide. *eg*

This weekend is Coyote Con (online convention where I’m presenting panels) PLUS Cloud Atlas and Silent Hill came out, so I don’t know how much writing I’m going to do. The muse is running hot, so she might not let me go a full day without writing something.

Writing Update: 19 October

– WRITING (12 October): I flipped from my bounty hunter story over to my BDSM adult fairytale. I decided to change the name to more accurately reflect which fairytale I was “updating,” which also meant changing a few things in the story itself. This is one of those “do it while you’re thinking about it” things, so I worked on that today. I put down 5217 words on it. Except for the sex scenes, it’s pretty much finished. But that’s gotta wait while I head back to my bounty hunter story. Yes, I do jump around like this all the time.

– PLOTTING (14 October AM): I just spent the better part of early morning (haven’t gone to bed yet) plotting MAJOR naughtiness for a series of Razor’s Edge Press short stories. Mostly quick notes and how I want the stories to progress. The stories are about one central main character and her wacky office hijinks spread (*snicker*) over eight installments. This spawned from the first flash fiction theme (after the revival) over at Changeling Press. You can read mine and other shorts from that first theme on the blog. Note: You do have to be a member of Changeling Press’s Yahoo group to read the flashes, but they are TOTALLY worth it. ๐Ÿ˜€

I had originally planned to do one quick Razor’s Edge story and then that spawned into two… sort of. I had an idea for a second that was related to the first, but I don’t think my muse liked it too much since I never got back to it. The muse totally likes this new idea though. So I’m going with it… but not quite yet. It’s all written down so I can get back to focusing on the bounty hunter story.

– WRITING (14 October PM): So I was wrong. The muse wanted to work on the Razor’s Edge short stories I have planned. One of them anyway. 3490 words and the first installment of the eight book series is finished. I plan to get them all finished before I hand them over to my editor. And I probably won’t be writing at all tomorrow (Monday) since I have a guest coming over and need to get the house situated.

– PLOTTING & WRITING (16 October AM): I am such a bad baby. I got a second wind right when I was about to go to bed and ended up putting 613 words on the next in the eight book series of short stories I have planned for Razor’s Edge. And this was after doing a quick write up for a sequel to Taking It Back (I need to come up with a title that matches). Several people mentioned wanting a story for Haruto and I couldn’t think of anything until Tiffanie told me some real life stories about her recent adventures in dating that gave me inspiration. I swear I could listen to her talk about her life all day. Great fodder for stories. She’s the one who inspired I Need an F, one of the Razor’s Edge shorts I finished in July when she was last in Hawaii. She laughs when I say that but I am totally using some of the stuff she told me (with permission). So yet another story is added to my to-be-written pile.

– WRITING (17 October): In the early AM, I did some writing. How much? I have no clue because I didn’t keep track. It was on a Razor’s edge story. I know I put a substantial amount on it. I also know I was near the end of my mental rope and stuff wasn’t flowing quite right. I’ll probably go back and edit out most of it (and/or rewrite huge chunks). So I did write but it might not have been viable writing. When I go back and check, I’ll know for sure.

Writing Update: 12 October

Upon the advice of a fellow author, I have started using Instrumental music to tune out my hubby’s video games — he just got the latest WoW expansion and Resident Evil 6. Neither of which are great background noise for trying to write.

It’s working. I’ve also stopped sitting at my computer desk. I’m now using my beanbag chair more. The computer desk has become a “work” station where I catch up on blogging and email and promotion, so it’s hard to flip over to writer mode while sitting here.

– WRITING (05 October): 3689 words on the bounty hunter story today. Thanks to the plotting session with Flash, this story is just flying by now. Once I get a world figured out, the rest is just character interaction and dealing with the laws of that world. 30K here I come.

– PLOTTING (07 October): Thanks to a fan email (love fan email) I sat and wrote out a plot for a book I had absolutely no intention of writing and told several people I wouldn’t write it. This isn’t good. If this gets out (and no, I’m not telling you all which book) then people will know that if they bug me enough, my muse will eventually think of a book. That’s not a good habit to start. I have tons of books already on my to-be-written list. I don’t need more. Seriously. But anywho. As soon as I get a big enough gap in my writing queue (who am I kidding? I’ll just make room because the characters won’t stop bugging me now), this sequel to a book that shall not be named will be written. Intrigued yet?

– WRITING (08 October): 3084 words on the bounty hunter story. I’m on Chp3 and I need to find a way to get them in bed that is plausible with the current storyline. At the rate I’m going they might not be in bed before Chp4. Not good. The pub won’t like that, especially since I’m trying to make this an Erotic title.

– PLOTTING & WRITING (10 October): 2902 words on the bounty hunter story. If I had known I was that close to 3000, I would have wrote a little bit more. ๐Ÿ˜› Early this morning, right after my shower, the ENTIRE plot came to me. I mean the whole thing. Even something I wrote already and had no explanation for yet suddenly fit and made sense. I wrote it all in my notebook and then took my happy butt to bed. I’ve got explanations for everything, including how the main characters end up in bed together… I just need to get them there faster. ๐Ÿ˜›

– WRITING (11 October): 4522 words on the bounty hunter story today. That totally makes up for the near miss of 3K yesterday… with change. ๐Ÿ˜€ The characters are in bed. Now I just need to keep them alive long enough to make sure they get a repeat performance.

Writing Update: 05 October

So I was all geared up to get this writing train going on Monday and then I got derailed. Yet again I learn the lesson of not checking my email before I plan to write. I got some upsetting news that pretty much ruined my whole day, which meant no writing. Nothing major, but it was enough to put me in a bad mood.

Tuesday I did some browsing through my started stories to see in which direction I wanted to head. I’m taking a break from the SERENITY sequel to get some other stuff finished real quick and then I’ll get back to it. It’s still talking to me, so that’s all good.

– WRITING (03 October): 4600 words on a new story for the Forever Wicked multi-author series at Changeling. The series is retelling classic fairytales with a BDSM theme. Color me surprised. I never figured I would dabble in BDSM, but the story came to me. So I’m going to toss myself in the deep end and see what people think. This will probably be a one time deal, but the muse said frog and I jumped. ๐Ÿ˜€

– PLOTTING (04 October): Spent a few hours in the early AM — staying up way past my bedtime — hashing through my bounty hunter plot with Flash. She helped me get some of my back story straight and gave me some homework for getting my hero right. One of the things I miss since moving from MD is our brainstorming sessions. We can do them online, but they just aren’t the same as in person.

– WRITING (04 October): 2244 words on the new bounty hunter story. I’ve got Chapter One mostly written. Maybe put another 1000 words on it tomorrow. This story should go pretty quick… I think/hope. It’ll be a little over 30K words when it’s finished. That much I know already.

Writing Update: 28 September

The weekend was non-writing time. Saturday the hubby and I went out window shopping and then to dinner after I slept most of the day away. In my defense, it took me forever to fall asleep so I ended up getting up late. Sunday I used to get stuff in order at my various blogs for the week so I wouldn’t have any distractions.

All righty. This week was a complete bust. I was all set and my muse went for a walk. Finally Thursday morning I figured out the issue. I wrote myself into a wall and my muse refused to help me climb it. I’ve since figured out the issue. Assuming I get time over the weekend (that’s usually hubby time), I should be able to get some writing done.

Looks like the start of October will be split between finishing the SERENITY sequel and writing my bounty hunter story.

Writing Update: 21 September

– WRITING (14 September): 3585 words today on SERENITY sequel. That’s more than I thought I would get finished since I’m a bit distracted with mid-month stuff. I got a giant chunk of Chp9 finished. Fun-ness (not the kind you’re thinking… pervert :P) just happened. My poor characters. I treat them so bad. Anywho, tomorrow is a non-writing day. My binge writing (if you could call it that) week is over. Hubby comes home today and tomorrow is Resident Evil.

– LONG HAND WRITING (15 September): Today was supposed to be a non-writing day thanks to movie time with the hubby. My muse got me right as I laid down to sleep. I mean literally. Here I am all snuggled under the covers ready to get a few hours and the muse is like, “Here’s a scene that would be PERFECT. Get up and go write it down.” Of course I don’t want to forget it, so I get up and go to my office to write it down (don’t want to wake the hubby). I finish the scene and then go back to bed.

The second I get comfortable my muse did it to me AGAIN. Up I go again to write down another scene. And then that scene led to another, but I was still sitting there so I kept writing. Keep in mind this is all long hand and I’m ready to go to bed (in my nightshirt and everything). I dread to think what would have happened if I had been on my computer. I probably would have been up all night and into the morning writing and then had to postpone the movie so I could sleep, which the hubby wouldn’t have liked. Sure I would have more of the book written (I know you all would like that) but upset hubby makes real life difficult, thus making writing difficult.

The scenes are written (in long hand) and I made some notes too. When I next sit down to write, I will have lots to get down and should up my word count by a considerable amount. So long as my muse keeps being nice to me (or mean, however you want to look at it), this book should be finished before the month is out. ๐Ÿ˜€

– WRITING (18 September): I had a bunch of non-writing days but I made up for it today. I put down 4331 words on the SERENITY sequel. I would have done more but the body wants food. I have to adjust my writing schedule to accommodate the hubby being home earlier than his usual for the next six weeks. He changed shifts so he’s on half days. So long as he’s fairly quiet, I should be okay… here’s hoping.

– WRITING (19 September): 3135 words on SERENITY sequel today. I also cut a large scene that no longer fits the direction of the story. No huge loss. I might be able to work it into some later Gezane Universe stories, just not this one. Chapter 10 is finish and I’ve started Chapter 11.

– WRITING & PLOTTING (20 September): Only did 300 words today. I partially blame the hubby since he required more attention than usual and I partially blame the weather. It doesn’t rain that often in Hawaii, so it’s kind of dismal outside. I did get some plotting done though, which is rare for me. By my calculations, I have three chapters plus the epilogue before I finish the SERENITY sequel. Oh and I have to go back and finish Chp3, Chp4, and Chp9… but that shouldn’t take that long.

At my current writing speed and with the hubby on half days (insert distractions here), I don’t think I’ll finish before September is over. But that’s okay. I should be finished by mid-October at the latest (fingers crossed), which still gives me enough time to start and finish the novella I promised my EC editor I would give her in October.

Writing Update: 14 September

PLOTTING (07 September): Thanks to a Flash Fiction in the Changeling Press Yahoo group (yes, yes another one), I’ve come up with an entire novella (probably be close to 25K). I was only supposed to come up with 100-150 words, but it evolved. They always evolve. This one evolved into a Changeling novella instead of a Razor short. Lord knows what’ll happen to me next week. I might have to get this one out of the way over the weekend (or at least start it) so I don’t derail my novel plans for the week.

WRITING (10 September): A little over 2000 on the SERENITY sequel. Kind of a rocky start to my binge writing. You can tell when I’m struggling with my writing because I nub all my fingernails. Nervous habit. I don’t bite my nails usually. It’s only when I’m trying to figure out what to write. But once I nub them, I stop. And you would think cutting them down ahead of time would help, but it doesn’t. They have to be down to the quick or else I just start nibbling until they are. And yes, for those wondering, my fingers are sore. Still typing, but sore.

EDITS (10 September): I finished the edits for AFTER PARTY due out in October. It was fun going back and reading that one again. I haven’t looked at that story since I wrote it. But that helps me in the editing process because I can look at it with “new eyes” and catch some of my own mistakes.

WRITING (11 September): 4100 words on SERENITY sequel today. That’s better. Not as much as I would have liked (was aiming for over 5K) but still better than yesterday. I’ve finished Chp6 and started Chp7. Now don’t get too happy since I still have to finish Chp3 and do the intro on Chp4. Yes, I’m jumping around, but if that gets the book written, then a jumping bean I shall be.

I’m having to rewrite huge chunks of the story that was already there (written years ago) since I’ve done some tweaking to the plot, plus my writing style has changed. But it’s all good. I’m enjoying it and the story is coming along. I think I’ll work on finishing Chp3 and Chp4 tomorrow, but we’ll see what the muse says.

WRITING (12 September): 4517 words on SERENITY sequel today. I thought I hit 5000, but I missed it by that much. I still feel like writing though. I’ll see if the mood is still with me after doing some promo stuffs (release party for the new release coming out in a few hours) and doing my three-mile walk while playing Uno. I have discovered a love of Uno with the jump-in rules. Makes it more interesting. 7-0 Uno is just evil. But I digress. SERENITY sequel is coming along great. Chp7 is finished, though Chp3 and Chp4 are still incomplete. I think I might work on both of those tomorrow… maybe. I go where the muse takes me.

WRITING (13 September): So I didn’t work on Chp3 or Chp4 today, but I did put down 5437 words. Woot! Broke that 5K barrier… though I didn’t do it all in one run. I put down 1063 words before going to bed last night. Inspiration just hit me and I had to write it down. What I thought would be one paragraph turned into 1063 words. Then after I woke up, I wrote the rest. Chp8 is almost finished and I started Chp9. Yes, I’m still jumping around. But so long as the story gets finished, who cares how I write it. ๐Ÿ˜›

Writing Update: 07 September

I have done no writing the whole week long. None. I’ve been running around doing stuff related to book promotion and my RWA chapter. I also gave myself permission not to write this week, because next week is going to be brutal.

My hubby is going out of town for a week. I plan to use the time to binge write. From the moment I wake to the moment I pass out from mental exhaustion, I will be writing. I did it a few times in July, so I know what to expect. This time will be a whole week (or at least five days in a row). I’m sure I won’t be good for much once I’m done, but at least stuff will be written.

My online time will be sporadic and short. Probably just long enough to check mail and make sure the world didn’t end. I have a new release next week, but I plan to get everything set up for the promo of that title over the weekend so I can do it quickly and efficiently when the day comes.

I love having a plan in place. I’ll love it even more if the plan works out the way I want.

In later news, I’ve signed the contracts for WET: OVERFLOW, I NEED AN F, and FANTASY VS. REALITY. As soon as I get dates for those, I’ll post them on my site and this blog.

Next week’s update should have the normal daily word counts. We’ll see how the muse treats me.

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