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FileMaker Pro

How I Use FileMaker #2

And here’s the second way I use FileMaker Pro… as a database to house all my book information — character names and attributes, lexicon, location names, etc. The database isn’t complete yet, but this will save me so much time when I need to go back and find a character’s eye color or back history or if I’ve used the character name already.

This is the book list. Similar to the book list in my royalties report but not related. I didn’t want to futz with trying to tie the two together and it’s not like it takes much to fill in the information.

FileMaker Pro Book List

Click the Book Info button and the database flips to a new layout (pretty, huh?) with the book’s copyright information.

FileMaker Pro Book Part Info

Click the Full Info button and now I have all the copyright info (yes, I know it’s redundant but I did it like that anyway) along with a list of characters, lexicon (I love creating words), locations, and settings (basically world notes).

FileMaker Pro Book Full Info

If I want to know more about a particular character, I click the Info button next to their name. This page tells me all the books where this character has appeared, the character’s descriptions, and any back history or notes about the character.

FileMaker Pro Character Info

And finally the Go To Character List button takes me to a full list of my characters. Easy, at-a-glance reference for which names I’ve used.

FileMaker Pro Character List

So that’s my setup. Again, something of a PITA to get started but a MAJOR life and time saver once I have all my books entered. I plan to revisit many of the worlds I’ve created. The trip will take a lot less time if I don’t have to re-read an entire novel to get reacquainted with my worlds and my characters.


How I Use FileMaker #1

So I’ve mentioned FileMaker Pro a few times on this blog and in other social locales. I know some people are curious about how I use it. So here’s the first installment (note – there are only two installments).

These are screenshots of my Royalty FileMaker. Obviously I smudged out all my earnings info since I don’t want the world knowing stuff like that. 😛

First up is the Book List. This is a list of every title for which I have an ISBN (ie – my contracted titles).

FileMaker Pro Book Data

Each title leads to a full information page where I can enter my sales figures by date and vendor. Also on this page is a running tally of books sold and royalties earned.

FileMaker Pro Royalties Data

From the above two databases, I can create sub-summary reports that shows my royalties (and earnings) by year and month.

FileMaker Pro Sub-summary Report Royalties

And by year and title.

FileMaker Pro Sub-summary Report Titles

I can create other sub-summary reports that breaks it up by year, title, and month as well.

So that’s my setup for my royalties. It took a little bit of fiddling and Google-searching to get this database the way I wanted it, but all the effort is totally worth it. Inputting and tracking my royalties is so much easier now.