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Saturday Sound Off: F/F Romance

This Saturday’s Sound Off theme is F/F Romance. Your title has to be Romance, first off. And second it has to involve women and nothing but women. No boys this time around, that was last Saturday. It can be F/F or F/F/F or F/F/F/F etc.

Put your info in the comment section of this post (and only this post).

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I’ll start you off with a new release title by a good friend of mine:

Author- Elizabeth Jewell

Title- Sorceress’ Apprentice

Genre- Erotic FF Paranormal/Magic Romance

Lissa goes too far in seeking the love of her mentor. Will the punishment fit the crime?

Lissa, sorceress in training, wants more from her mentor than she can ever give. When she resorts to magic to bind Prill’s heart to hers, the consequences are not what she’d intended. And now she must face her punishment.

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I look forward to seeing what gets posted. 😀

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