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Excerpt: Permanent by Megan Slayer

Permanent by Megan Slayer


by Megan Slayer

Genre: Erotic BDSM Contemporary Romance (MM)
Publisher: Total-e-Bound Publishing
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Sometimes love just ain’t enough…

River Cortland trusted the person he loved. His faith couldn’t protect him from the bitter sting of a cold-hearted Domme. If he’s going to learn to trust again, he’s got to deal with his past. His roommate and best friend, Tory, has seen the physical damage and hasn’t walked away. Can he deal with the emotional scars as well?

Tory McClellan wanted the carefree life…until one night with River changed everything. There’s more to the shy art teacher and Tory wants to know everything-how he tastes, the scent of his skin, the feel of his body as they make love. What terror lies behind River’s brown eyes? Better yet, how can Tory make the sadness go away and be in River’s life, permanently?

XXX Excerpt Ahead…

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Saturday Sound Off: M/M Romance

Welcome back to another Saturday Sound Off. I liked it so much last week that I decided to do it again… plus it’s low impact for me. 😀

This Saturday’s Sound Off theme is M/M Romance. Your title has to be Romance, first off. And second it has to involve men and nothing but men. No girls this time around, that’s another Saturday. It can be M/M or M/M/M or M/M/M/M etc.

Put your info in the comment section of this post (and only this post).

Include in your comment:




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I’ll start you off with a new release title by a good friend of mine:

Broken Wings Part One by Stephanie Burke
Author- Stephanie Burke

Title- Broken Wings Part One

Genre- Erotic MM Paranormal/Dark Fantasy Romance

How much pain can one soul take before it shatters?

Angel Falls, foundling turned NFL star quarterback, and fae warrior prince Klintic have both been tested in the fires of torment and anguish and managed to survive — to find each other.

That the ex-footballer and the betrayed prince manage to discover each other is a miracle. Staying together will be an even bigger challenge, but with a town full of geeks and weirdoes on their side, reporters and rogue scientists don’t stand a chance. Broken wings will be mended, and their souls will learn to fly once more.

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I look forward to seeing what gets posted. 😀

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Excerpt: Twin Flames by Lexi Ander

Twin Flames by Lexi Ander

Twin Flames
Sumeria’s Son, Book 1
by Lexi Ander

Genre: Mainstream Alter-Universe Shifter Western Romance, MM
Publisher: Silver Publishing
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Tristan Janick is a Lycan descendant of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, an average Warrior of Anat. He has found his Twin Flame, the one person who’s supposed to love him unconditionally. Betrayed, broken, and dying, he dissolves the sacred bond and leaves.

His best friend, Ushna, vows to guard and protect him, always close but never touching. Waking up from his half-life after a hunt gone badly, Tristan realizes he’s in love with Ushna and sets out to seduce him.

Ancient secrets and lies are revealed, setting off a chain of events that tests not only Tristan and Ushna’s love, but challenges their ability to stay alive when creatures of myth awaken, and absent Gods walk the Earth once again.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains a HFN ending.

G Excerpt Ahead…
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Excerpt: John’s Match by Viki Lyn

John's Match by Viki Lyn

John’s Match
Woodland Village, Book 3
by Viki Lyn

Genre: Erotic Contemporary, MM
Publisher: Musa Publishing
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John Kramer discovers two guys humping on the hood of his Ferrari in the parking lot of the local gay bar. When he finds one of the pair alone and in a drunken stupor, John drives him home. To his surprise, the young man’s father is his new next door neighbor, Scott Marwick. Tempers flare when Scott accuses John of getting his son inebriated and taking advantage of him. John plans to never see the man again.

Then John’s boss flips out when he finds out the jerk next door is Scott Marwick, a temperamental, but famous fantasy writer. The elusive author could save their company from financial ruin if they can get him to sign over his characters for a computer game. Ryan insists John befriend Scott, show him around the Village and get him to agree to a meeting.

The last thing Scott needs is friends. He moved to Woodland Village to forget about the past and to write. Since his partner’s death three years ago, he hasn’t written one word, and his agent, publisher, and fans are clamoring for the final book of his award-winning series. His life is spiraling out of control and he doesn’t know if he can finish his series. He doesn’t need the complication of love and he certainly wouldn’t associate his name with a computer game.

But when John’s life begins to fall apart, Scott must decide where his loyalties lie—with John or his principles.

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Excerpt: More Ink, Sweat and Tears by Sage Marlowe

More Ink, Sweat and Tears by Sage Marlowe

More Ink, Sweat and Tears
Ink, Sweat and Tears, Book 2
by Sage Marlowe

Genre: Erotic Contemporary, MM
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
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One year into their relationship, tattoo artist Caelan Stokes and tax accountant Dean Fowler make their love official and tie the knot—er, insert the rings. Things couldn’t possibly be running any better for them, but the first crack in their picture-perfect married life appears soon when Dean tries to make Caelan face his past. Abandoned by his biological parents as a baby, Caelan is far from wishing for a reunion and is extremely upset when he learns that Dean has tracked down his birth mother.

Shortly afterwards, a silly mistake costs Dean his job. His resulting feelings of inadequateness and depression are beginning to take their toll on their relationship, and Dean and Caelan have to ask themselves if the love they built on ruins is strong enough to withstand these trials. But even as they struggle along, a blow of fate neither of them saw approaching could put an end to life as they know it.

XXX Excerpt Ahead…
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Excerpt: Inertia by Amelia C. Gormley

Inertia by Amelia C. Gormley

Impulse, Book 1
by Amelia C. Gormley

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance, MM, BDSM
Publisher: Self
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An Object At Rest

Quiet, down-to-earth Detroit handyman Derrick Chance has had enough loss for a lifetime and he has no intention of ever risking his heart again. Living alone in the old house his grandparents left him, with only his dog and a few close friends for companionship, he has written off the possibility of romance or even sex. He refuses to consider himself lonely, or wonder what he might be missing. His life is organized, predictable, and, best of all, risk-free.

Until the day he installs shelves for accountant Gavin Hayes. With his contradictory combination of …

R Excerpt Ahead…
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Excerpt: Earthly Desires by Leta Blake & Keira Andrews

Earthly Desires by Leta Blake & Keira Andrews

Earthly Desires
Tempting Tales, Book 1
by Leta Blake & Keira Andrews

Genre: Erotic Fantasy Romance, Fairy Tale, MM
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
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Cursed as an infant with a lack of physical and emotional gravity, Prince Efrosin can’t keep his feet on the ground or his head out of the clouds. Laughing his way through life, he’s never been weighed down by love and lust.

Then one fateful day, his tenuous tie to the earth is severed and he blows away on the wind. He’s rescued by Dmitri, a handsome young woodsman who suffers from a mysterious curse of his own, and the two strangers are irresistibly drawn together. Experiencing sex and love for the first time, they dive into a delightfully sensual and passionate affair.

But the evil witch who cursed them is planning her ultimate revenge. Efrosin and Dmitri must fight to find their fairy tale ending and live happily ever after.

PG Excerpt Ahead…
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