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Ochi Chifumi

Manga Review: Breath by Chifumi Ochi

Breath by Chifumi Ochi

Publisher: Yaoi Generation
Price: $12.99
Genre: Contemporary, Yaoi, Romance, Drama
Themes: Brother complex, hidden lovers
Rating: Mature 18+
Volumes: 5 Volumes

(Note: Picture taken with my Kodak camera of books from my manga library.)

Basic Premise:
Kohshi Yanagi just had the best night of sex followed by the worst morning after. He was snubbed and left wondering what he’d done wrong. Just when he was getting over it, the object of his pleasure and annoyance resurfaces — Arata Kirishima, the twin brother of Kohshi’s on again, off again sex friend. What are the chances? Kohshi wants to know Arata’s deal and ends up falling for him, but there is more than simple denial spurring Arata to deny Kohshi. Danger is around the corner for this couple if they aren’t careful.

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