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Excerpt: One Shot by Laurie Roma

One Shot by Laurie RomaOne Shot
IAD Agency, Book 2
by Laurie Roma

Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense, MF
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
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Tara Toshi is a woman on the edge. Code name “T-rex,” Tara is one of the elite agents of the IAD Agency, modern-day warriors tasked with taking down terrorists and keeping the world safe. She doesn’t believe that happily ever after exists for her, until her world collides with corporate tycoon Julian King.

Julian King is the owner of a multimillion dollar hotel empire and personally runs the Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He is a man who rules his kingdom with an iron grip and knows that the house always wins. But when he meets agent Tara Toshi all bets are off. As a terrorist plot threatens his city, Julian realizes that he is also in jeopardy of losing his heart.

Passion explodes every time Tara and Julian come together, but can she risk taking this one shot at finding happiness and give her heart to a man she barely knows?

XXX Excerpt Ahead:
(Excerpt may include sex scene with graphic detail, explicit language, and a complimentary bucket of ice water.)
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Excerpt: Loving Leonardo by Rose Anderson

Loving Leonardo by Rose Anderson

Loving Leonardo
by Rose Anderson

Genre: Erotic Historical Romantic Suspense (MMF)
Publisher: Self
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Bound by limits dictated by society, Art Historian Nicolas Halstead lived a guarded life until a tempest in the form of Elenora Schwaab blew into his world. At first Nicolas can’t decide if the audacious American is simply mad or plotting blackmail for not only does she declare knowledge of his homosexuality, she offers him a marriage proposal.

After Ellie tells him of a previously unknown work of Leonardo da Vinci, a book of erotic love poems and sketches dedicated to the artist’s long-time lover Salai, Nicolas joins her in a race to save the book from destruction. Along the way they encounter Historian Luca Franco and discover a comfortable compatibility that comes to redefine their long-held notions of love. The trio embarks on an adventure of sensual discovery, intrigue, and danger. Little do they know Leonardo da Vinci’s book is far more than meets the eye.

R Excerpt Ahead…
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Excerpt: Dangerous Kisses by Tonya Ramagos

Dangerous Kisses by Tonya Ramagos

Dangerous Kisses
by Tonya Ramagos

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense, BDSM, MF
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Out Now!
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Homicide Detective Megan Pontius hungers for a dark side of sex she’s never experienced, and she knows the man to give it to her, if only he didn’t scare her to her toes. She’s kept her distance from aquarist Drake Allen, knowing one kiss could be dangerous to her body and heart. But when a mutual friend is killed and Drake is the primary suspect, she finds herself wondering if she’s submitting to the domination of a murderer.

Drake wants Megan under his control, and he wants her forever. He’s bided his time, waiting for her to be willing to set her inner lustful demon free. That time has come, and he’s ready to deliver her pleasures more exotic than any she’s ever known. But when he finds himself accused of murder, he discovers he needs Megan more than just in his bed. She’s his only hope of proving his innocence, but does she believe him?

XXX Excerpt Ahead…
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Excerpt: Shotgun Relations by Ann Jacobs

I’m finally filling the Sunday gap. My posting schedule has changed a little bit over the last few weeks, but you all have stuck with me. For your reward, join me every Sunday for excerpts. Not my excerpts, but excerpts from other authors who wish to entertain and entice you.

My first Excerpt Sunday guest is…


Shotgun Relations by Ann Jacobs

Shotgun Relations by Ann Jacobs
Caden Kink, Book 2

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Western/Cowboy, BDSM, MF
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Coming Soon: 12 September 2012
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Modern-day Liberty Valance meets The Big Valley.

Jack Duval, country lawyer and bastard son of the Caden patriarch, first discovers rancher Liz Wolfe when he goes after her to spite his father. Soon, though, he learns she’s the submissive partner of his wildest fantasies.

But rustlers and murderers interrupt their hot BDSM play, and Jack must reveal a pair of secrets that may tear the two apart before he and Liz can move on to the next step toward happily ever after.

Reader Advisory: The lucky heroine is pleasured by three hot Doms in a BDSM ménage scene onstage at a sex club. The book contains anal penetration and an instance of male/male action.

XXX Excerpt Ahead.
Have your ice bath ready…
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