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Saturday Sound Off: Alien Romance

This Saturday’s Sound Off theme is Alien Romance. Your title has to be Romance, first off. And second it has to involve men (or women or what have you) from outer space as one of the main characters.

Put your info in the comment section of this post (and only this post).

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I’ll start you off with a title by a good friend of mine:

Aliens Stole the Frozen Turkey by Ashlynn Monroe
Author- Ashlynn Monroe

Title- Aliens Stole the Frozen Turkey

Genre- Erotic SciFi Christmas Ménage Romance

Betty Jean never expected to spend Christmas Eve with the sexiest circus ringmaster in the galaxy.

Nothing exciting ever happens on the family farm, so Betty doesn’t expect anything unusual when she’s home alone on Christmas Eve — until the most horrendous sound brings her out into the snow. What she finds makes her doubt her sanity.

Betty Jean never expected to spend her Christmas Eve searching for three tiny alien tumblers with the sexiest ringmaster in the galaxy. This was so not a typical afternoon in Iowa. The universe — and Christmas dinner — are depending on her!

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I look forward to seeing what gets posted. 😀

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Excerpt: Private Skirmish by Anne Kane

Private Skirmish by Anne Kane

Private Skirmish
Mercenaries, Book 1
by Anne Kane

Genre: Erotic Futuristic/SciFi Romance (MF)
Publisher: Changeling Press
Out Now!
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What do you do when the woman you love is up for auction? Make sure you’re the highest bidder!

When her little sister disappears, Dee vows to find her. She follows a lead to Loden Province but is picked up by Government troops and convicted of crossing provincial borders without a permit. The punishment? She is sent to be sold at auction.

As the auctioneer calls for bids, she hears a voice from her past. Kaeden! The lover she ran out on in order to raise her little sister. He’s found her again, and he has no intention of letting her escape a second time. He and his band of mercenaries will do whatever it takes to reunite the sisters and keep them safe.

PG Excerpt Ahead…
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